Sunday, February 27, 2011

Updates on "Falling for History-Egypt" XD Here's my discussion on it.

Well I have been in a good "Falling for History-Egypt" mood lately. I have about 5k more words added this week, and I still have some to copy onto computer from my handy dandy notebook. I promise you guys, it's starting to get pretty friggin INTENSE. I'm adding new characters, ideas, and more plot. HUGE brainstorm last week and some this week, and now I know the main premise of this plot other than Bree falling back into time. And now I have finally decided to make this into a novel and not a short story! It'll be a short one, but I have companions coming its way shortly.
Companions? You may ask...
Well, I have had these couple other twinkling ideas that can fall along with the whole "Falling for History" ideas. "True Grit" is a HUGE inspriation for the next one after this one. Yes everyone, a YA western! Have you guys heard of a YA westen yet? Hmmm I haven't, maybe I'll be the first one! haha. Well my idea falls along the same lines of "Egypt", with a girl falls back in time, then gets kidnapped by bank robbing bandits, and she falls for one of the youngest ones. Yeah yeah yeah...still working on it! lol. It will be titled "Falling for History-Ol'West" catchy enough?
And now I'm kind of wanting to work on a victorian era one, but I'm still kind of ify on that one though. *shrugs* It'll come to me I guess. I have no idea really on it just yet. :/ But I do intend for this last one have a bit of a TWIST.
Now I'm faced with this decision, will I post all three of them as one project on inkpop? Because I aim for these to be a three for one deal. Like L. J. Smith's "The Night World Novels" where three are into one book. I like that idea A LOT, but I like showing off these book covers I'm making for each one. *shrugs* What do you guys thing I should do?
Put all of the FFH's into one project on inkpop? Or should I post them seperately?
Wouldn't that be nice if I can get all three of them in the top five together? That would be a SIGHT! Gives me thrill chills just thinking about it! lol. But before I even think about the top five, I want to get this story actually DONE first. lol. I would like to have the FULL manuscript ready for HC to read actually. :)
Oh yeah guys...I have decided to post the WHOLE thing on inkpop! I'm going to go out on the ledge here like my friend Leigh Fallon, and post it fully on inkpop! Yes, I'm still nervous here about doing that. BUT, I feel like I should this time. :)
Can I call on you guys to form a mob to attack whoever that might take my idea? If so leave a comment! LOL. XD We'll go guns ablazing and fire torches at their door! lol. This is coming from a west virginian here! I will do it with a hick rigged shot gun! LOL. XD

Anyways, what do you guys think of my new book cover for FFH-E? I absolutely love it! It has a more of a Egyptian aura to it I think. With the whole yellowish haze to the picture and the egyptian eye. LOVE IT. I've got a brand spankin new picture program called "Stoik Imagic" the free version of it, and it's surprisingly AWESOME, so far.

Anywho, here's the info and link to "Falling for History-Egypt" on inkpop!

Falling For History - Egypt
by oXKris-Tee-AuhXo
ShortStory: Adventure, Historical Fiction, Romance, Science Fiction/Fantasy

Bree had no idea she would fall for the Egyptian Prince Chisisi. She also didn’t know she could travel back in time to meet him.

Bree Cuttingham went to Cairo Egypt on a gradational school field trip with her class. She runs upon a tablet about a unknown Prince that disappeared when he was nineteen— that strikes an interest in her, especially when she sees a necklace found alongside the tablet, a necklace identical to her own.

One night when Bree is taken to her hotel, and was saying her goodnight to her new friend Shadi.
The street she stood on begins to shake then opens up underneath her, swallowing her up into the darkness. Shadi yelling out her name in only a echo she could hear...

Bree wakes up in the middle of the desert—moreover—a different time. Where she meets and falls desperately in love with an ancient Egyptian Prince named Chisisi.

Torn between staying with her true love in the ancient times, and finding someway to get back to her own time, where her family and friends live.

Which will she choose?

More importantly, will she be able to get back home?

Bree’s time traveling adventure will determine who is her one and only soul mate.

Hope you guys read!

With lots of love, Kristia S.<3<3<3
God Bless<3<3<3
1 Peter 4:10

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