Tuesday, February 8, 2011

I HATE my computer. > _ < Severely TICKED OFF!

Well here's my rant for today...it's surprisingly not about "The Mortal Instruments" or Alex Pettyfer.

Okay I have a Toshiba L300 laptop, I got it July 2nd 2009. So that makes it how old? A year and seven months? Well it's ALWAYS had a tendency to crash, you know the blue screen of death? It did it three times when I first got it, then I "supposedly" found the reason why. Two virus programs working against each other. So yeahhhh I was living my happily ever after with my lappy I call Midnight. Until well...these past two months. It started up the crashing AGAIN! Like every day or other day, just out of nowhere for no reason for it at all. So of course my first impression (which may be right) VIRUS! SO yeah I start freaking out for a bit there.
I reset it to factory setting today, so I have been working on it ALL DAY. Reloading my virus program, which currently has me severely peeved with it taking THREE HOURS to download and take up all of my download allowance.
I'm honestly just about to chuck this crappy computer out the window and go ahead to WalMart and buy me another one and the HECK with it! This thing has had it's worth I guess, I've probably gotten five years worth out of the year I've had it, considering I'm on it all the time. It's been through a rough journey with me, I take it EVERYWHERE I go. The paint on my "A" key has about worn off to prove it! lol.
I think this computer was refurbished, which wasn't supposed to be, it was supposed be brand spankin new. But it has NEVER acted right, I should have sent it back to the factory for a replacement. BUT at the time I was in dire need of a computer and couldn't do without one. SO yeah I kept it regretfully. And the waranty on it will only over it when there is something mechanically wrong with it, not like computery wrong with it. :/ I should have read the little fine print, huh? I paid (well my Malmal paid) money for a three year waranty that's worthless in this case.
I don't think I'll EVER get another Toshiba, no matter how much people say they are good. I've had two, and they are crap. The other one that is my mom's, its fan doesn't work, so it gets EXTREMELY hot. So I'm not going to bother buying a laptop off the actual sites anymore, seems like the ones I get in a store (like WalMart) are better than the ones you build yourself. I've had more luck with them.
I may go get me a Dell or HP. No Sony, because my cousin Samantha said hers kept crashing and lost all of her baby girl's pictures! So no.
ANYWHO, my BitDefender download is at 97% FINALLY! After three hours of groaning and cursing at this computer. So hopefully I can get Word downloaded again, and I'll get some writing done tonight. I'm in a Time With Seleste mood for once and THIS happens!

Also before I go...has anyone been having syntax errors on facebook lately? I have! I can't do much of anything! It has let do stuff today but it comes back every now and then. Eck.

Technology HATES me right now. If I wasn't so addicted and most of my social life is tied in through the Internet I would say "SCREW IT! I REPEL TECHNOLOGY AWAY FROM ME!"
BUT, I can't. I'd go INSANE.

Anyways, off to move back into this computer. (For all the good it's going to do me, considering it's probably on it's last legs.) BIG pain in my KEESTER!

With lots of love, and I hope your computers aren't abusing you like mine is, Kristia S.<3<3<3
God Bless<3<3<3
1 Peter 4:10<3<3<3

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