Thursday, February 17, 2011

DUDE read this!

Forsaken Angel

by untouchable_124
Book: Adventure, Mystery, Romance, Humor
Two people. Two secrets. One fate.
Since 1945, Germany has been desolate and abandoned, due to extreme radioactivity from the nuclear bombing that ended the war in Europe. The country has been isolated for decades, until the scientists who have been studying the environment announce that the radioactive levels are low.

When Dodgeville High student, Mary Blair, ends up joining others on the study program to Germany, a twist of fate permanently entwines her life with that of Will Gold, a sarcastic, mysterious boy with a secret he isn't willing to share. At first, it seems as if their situation is just a fluke, but it soon becomes apparent that that's not the case. The stakes are raised and their existence becomes the ultimate race for survival, but winning might be impossible.

After all...Will Gold isn't the only one with a secret. "

I mean SERIOUSLY! Read this book! I'm like obsessed with it on inkpop. I'm on the notficational list, and I STILL constantly check in if she has updated! That's how obsessed I am!!

Reasons for you to check this baby out!

1: Will Gold is a YUMMY, smart aleck (forgive my french but it fits him so well) bastard! But as his last name mentions it, he has a heart of GOLD hidden somewhere deep. So deep you'll have to put up with his crap A LOT until you even get a glimpse of it! LOL.
2: Mary is like an AWESOME character to read about, and you can find yourself relating to her. :)
3: The plot will take you in an instant! Who wouldn't!? It's like "The Hunger Games" and "The Mortal Instruments" rolled together into one! It's that friggin AWESOME!

I mean SERIOULY check this book out, you don't know what you're missing!


With lots of love, Kristia S.<3<3<3
God Bless<3<3<3
1 Peter 4:10


  1. Well Kristia,I'll read it now!!!I really think I'm missing something...
    Have a nice weekend girl!

  2. YESS! haha
    It's an AWESOME story! Hope you enjoy it!