Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Coming Sometime to Inkpop.com! "Invisible Heart." by Kristia S.

Brief description, it might change multiple times more.
Book Jacket that I have made.

Short Story (for now, it might turn into a novel.): Science fiction/fantasy, romance, adventure,

Tagline: "Being lead to a enchanted land by a talking cat…okay. But discovering The Sprite Lord wants to eat her heart…major mental break down for Aly.”

Pitch: When Aly’s mom goes missing, her world gets turned inside out--literally. If finding a note telling her not to call the police and many other pointless things, isn’t weird enough. It gets even weirder when a tiny talking black cat follows her home after school.
He tells for her to follow him, and he’d guaranteed it’d give her answers to her mother’s disappearance. For that, her very own mother sent him there to lead her onto the path where her mother will eventually find her.
Figuring she was either on the edge of lunacy or dreaming, she follows the cat to an abandoned train station. Where she stumbles into a doorway, walking into a place that smells pure and so beautiful that it made her head spin.
She was in another world…
The cat isn’t there anymore, so she goes off on her own and runs into a group of men. Oddly only one of them can see her…Prince Malachi Larchwood.
From there on the two goes on a journey of betrayal, companionship, saving, discovering, love, and magic.
Oh yeah, his father wants to devour her heart.
And Malachi feels obligated to take her to him.
Will he?

I've been having multiple dreams about a concept for this book, for months now. I mean literally, I would have a partcial dream and then a few weeks to a couple months I would dream it again, taking off where I woke up at in the dream. It's pretty interesting, the main things I remember vividly is a very HOTT blonde guy and this water dragon that I'm riding and fall off into the river. Yeah kind of turns into a nightmare when I begin to drown. BUT, the pretty guy saves me. XD So at this point, I begin to drool, where I get mouth to mouth by him. XD *drool*
Well, I haven't exactly came up with a total plot as of yet. I've got some key scenes planned out, and a partcial ending. The world is almost figured out, like magic stones that can make a campfire, tree hamocks, healing, and ect... A evil king called "The Sprite Lord." he eats the hearts of Harlem women, so he can absorb their magical souls to make him stronger. He has a son--which is Mr. Blondie. But he isn't exactly his son, because he's human. The Sprite kingdom is filled with these people who look human, other than the pointy ears, black eyes (sometimes white), pointy teeth, and awkwardly colored hair. And they have extreme strenght, sense of smell, and agility.
YEAH, still working on it. I might not begin to write this anytime soon. Considering, I don't know really where to begin the story.
It might be a novel, but I'm going to approach it as a short story right now.
I'm also fusing this story with a story I was working on in ninth grade, that I gave up on. So some of my past writing aspect will be within it's contours. XD
Me excited!

Let me know what you guys think of this so far!!!

With lots of love, Kristia S.<3<3<3
God Bless<3<3<3
1 Peter 4:10

Monday, November 29, 2010

DUDE! CHECK THIS MIGHTLY FINE READ!!! "RunneЯ." by Shiftermover0308



by shiftermover0308
Book: Adventure, Romance, Science Fiction/Fantasy

All you can do is Run.

Michael used to be an ordinary girl. That is until the Mars mission brought a worldwide epidemic with its return. The Infection is coming, and the only thing that can stop it is still up in space.
Her mother was one of the first, and there’s no guarantee that her father will be one of the last to be taken by the Infection.

She is a Runner, sent from city to city, stealing from the Infected as she tries to blend in and avoid discovery. But things go awry on her next mission, after bringing home a rogue human named Sanders, Mikie must prepare for another run to the city. Only this time, she’s accompanied by her best friend, Darren, and… Sanders.

Upon arriving in the Infected city, Michael meets Zane, an Infected with a heart. And he wants to make a deal. If he reveals the secret of the Freeze – the only known cure of the Infection – she must promise him a night in return. And a promise by the Infected is unbreakable.

Will she risk it all to gain the cure, or will Michael find herself on the run again?

This is like one of the best projects I have EVER read on inkpop.com. Not just because it's by my inkie bestie Hannah. But this is a work of genius! It's a attention grabber from the start!
I'm at the loss of words to tell you guys at how impressed I am by this project! And that doesn't happen much concerning me, I have a big mouth. LOL.

SERIOUSLY! GO READ IT!!!! You won't regret it!!!

With lots of love, Kristia S.<3<3<3
God Bless<3<3<3
1 Peter 4:10

Friday, November 26, 2010

"Time With Seleste-Destiny."

First Book-"Time With Seleste-Destiny."

97000 / 150000 words. 65% done!

Book: Romance, Science Fiction/Fantasy, Adventure, Mystery
“If you had an ability to control time-- Could you take a life-threatening chance to stop something from happening? Even for a --loved one?”

She was his future, and he was her past…
Their times and destinies unraveled and become one, when they meet one fateful night. All realities are at the stake because of it…

Seleste is hunted for her ability, a power that is one with time itself.
Her legacy resides to change fates, and she is marked by death itself because of it.
She will risk everything, for a chance to save a loved one from an ending fate.

The future even more unclear, Seleste and her friend’s destinies draw closer with every second of the celestial clock.
With a battle on the horizon, that’ll determine the fate of an early apocalypse. They have to win it no matter what; if they don’t everything will be doomed…

Time is running out for Seleste…and perhaps for the world too.

Will you follow Seleste through her journey of time, companionship, true love and death?