Thursday, February 24, 2011

Midnight's BAAAACKKK! (my laptop)

YUP, I just got my laptop back tonight! UPS brought it about seven! And the funny thing was I just check the status of my laptop like two minutes before he showed up! haha. Speak of the devil! I haven't been in tuned with it lately, I got tired of the dissapointment of seeing that it was still in repair. :/ So yeah I ignored it for a few days and then BAM! It's here! lol.
Well the problem with my laptop by what they said was, a corrupted software in the hardware. So the guy re-imaged the hard drive and reset it to factory setting (again). Now it runs like brand spankin new! SO FAR.
It hasn't crashed...YET.
So so far so good!

With lots of love, Kristia S.<3<3<3
God Bless<3<3<3
1 Peter 4:10

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  1. Hello,hello!!
    I had the exact same problem!It was so frustrating...the laptop wasn't running at all!!!!

    "It hasn't crashed...YET."

    Greetings and lot's of love from Greece!