Monday, May 28, 2012

I'm better/ So much better now/ Look to the light touch the light/ We're together now/

I love this song so much. I'm soundtracking it to my Wishbooks series and even my 2012 NaNoWriMo "Marrying Miss Addison". I just LOVE how music can inspire the written works, and itself is even a written work, but put into music work after it's been written. That concept is just so amazing to me.

Wanna see my puppy that I thought was going to die a few months back? The one I asked prayers for? The one that I thought he'd lose his eye? he is! My MoMo (Moses LOL) LOOK HOW BEAUTIFUL HE IS!

With love, Kristia S.
God Bless! <3

Saturday, May 26, 2012

A Published Friend's Q&A Tonight! CHECK IT! You Know You Want To!

Come and join in on a Q&A with Lindsey R. Sablowski! Go here FACEBOOK and Tweet questions at her  @LindseyReneeS. She'll be published this coming September. Her book Cursed with Power is the first in her five part series. I haven't had the honor to read any yet, unfortunately. :/ And she's been up on Wattpad! *pouts* Should have jumped in when I had the chance!

Check her out PLEASE! She's a doll and she'll answer your questions! :D

With love, Kristia S.

God Bless!!! <3

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Long time no blog. Oi' the funs of not blogging.

Okay, ya'll, I haven't blogged in God knows how long. For that I am deeply sorry, for those who actually read my blog and find out about my random escapades. :P

Okay, first things first, I finally wrote the rest of my NaNoWriMo DEADLY DECEIVED and I am now editing it so I can get my proofs by the end of next month. I have a very satisfying ending that I never knew that it was going to have. I seriously, didn't know how I was going to end it until it actually came. o_0 It's pretty good! If I say so myself!

Secondly, I have been UBER busy with my first year of college. I got all As in my first semester, and for this past one three As and one B. >_< I SO didn't want a B, I rather have all As why thank you very much. I thought I was doing JUST FINE in Humanities, a As worth of FINE, but I guess I didn't. *shrugs* So I have a 3.8 GPA! And I AM PROUD TO SAY IT LOUD!

Thirdly, I have been stepping up in my church's youth group, in doing some chaperoning (the one time anyways) and some lessons. :) I've done one and absolutely LOVED IT! I used Psychology on their butts and they fell for it! :P Just look up the Ache Experiment and imagine using Bible trivial instead of the stimulus lines. :) My lesson is in two parts. The first one was on Conformity and how it plays out in society and in teen's lives. The second part I will be doing next Wednesday will be on the Consequences of Conformity, Dirtying God's Temple, and Obedience. It involves some games to keep them engaged. :) Can't wait!

Fourthly, I turned TWENTY last week. 0_o I'm not happy about being OLD! LOL

Fifthly, I have been working on MANY NEW writing projects. :) One is my potential NaNoWriMo for this year. :) It'll either be called "A Careful Decision" or "Marrying Miss Addison". It's about a girl who's a high school senior and she has money troubles and becomes a Nanny for a rich man named James Leyland's kids Mary and Brennan. He eventually asks her to marry him so he can speed up the adoption process for her in adopting his kids. Because he's dying soon. </3 And in the process of it all, she ends up falling for his eldest son, who she used to go to school with named Wesley. He thinks he HATES her and thinks she's a gold digger though. >_< He's a tad bit of a jerk.

My other project, which are turning into my pride and joy! Is the Wishbooks of Distoria trilogy. It's a three part series about this girl named Emma Carsons and Ace Brinks. They have these books that grants wishes and the whole world of Distoria is after them. Emma and Ace's souls are pretty much pure enough to hold them and only them to make correct selfless wishes. Selfish wishes ends up being a curse and catastrophes happen afterwards. But do evil people listen? NOPE. Especially, emperor Distane doesn't listen. :) Of course, Emma ends up falling for Ace, who has questionable actions in certain situations. Also, she has to learn how to forgive and to trust all over again because of Ace. 0_o I mean LITERALLY learn how to forgive and trust, like it doesn't exist anymore after a certain thing. (nothing too bad) I blogged about this book a bit back. :) I'm so proud of it. It's a potential series I'll query in the next year or so. Time with Seleste is still my pride and joys though. But their plots still need to be worked on and written. I want them JUST RIGHT and figured out so well.
Sixthly, ahhh, I don't know. LOL But I'm getting back into blogging! :D I have A LOT of books top review that I have read lately. 0_o They're piling up! Especially, when I just got a Nook and I am FLYING though the books like CRAZY!

Well, I'm off!

With love, Kristia S.