Sunday, September 2, 2012


Let me tell you a little about this girl here, Lindsey Sablowski. I have known her since the old Inkpop days! Gosh, that seems so long ago now. However, in the past months I have been strongly supporting and being entirely excited for her. Her lovely, amazing book CURSED WITH POWER will be making it to book shelves and reading devices! Thanks to Old Line Publishing. She has had one heck of a journey with CwP, and now she is accomplishing the publishing world on September 7th! YES! Just a few days from now!

So in honor of the upcoming release. Lindsey has done ME the HONOR of stopping by on my little blog here. She’s going to answer a few questions and give us a excerpt from her book CwP.


1. I heard that it was a long journey in getting CwP published. On the scale of 1 to 10 (10 being the hardest and 1 for the lowest), how hard was it on you, and how much emotional turmoil did you suffer? Can you elaborate on the times?

Lindsey: Definitely a 10. It took me two years to find a publisher for CWP, and even now though it’s published, I know the difficulties won’t end. I’m not sure how many people know this, but before CWP I had tried publishing my first book, “The Magic of Light.” I spent four years trying to publish that before eventually I came to terms with the rejection letters were piling up and I needed to try something new. During the two years I worked getting Cursed with Power published it was extremely difficult. Many publishers look down on new authors because they view us as “inexperienced,” and I was especially worried about the fact that I’m a teenager. There were times when I would stop writing –one time I stopped for several months—but I always returned to my work no matter the rejections because I felt closer to this story than anything I’ve ever written before. I wanted to share Celestria’s world, and in the end I’m so grateful that it worked out.  
2. What is your favorite writing tip for beginner writers? Something that you perhaps wish that someone advised you for when you were a beginner?  
Lindsey: I wish someone would have stressed the importance of editing to me. I think it’s something that is often times forgotten or misleading… I mean you know you’re supposed to edit your book, but no one really ever stresses just how important it is. It honestly makes all the difference; the more polished of a story you have, the better chances you have of making it. And I know that seems like a rule of thumb that everybody should already know, but it’s hard to know how much to edit when you’re bias toward your own work.
 3. What is your all time moment of this whole journey of getting published?
 Lindsey: Hmm… that’s a tricky question. I’d have to say my favorite moment was actually writing the book. Now two years ago I might not have admitted that, but now when I look back on it I’m so glad I did everything that I did. When I’d finishing writing a chapter I’d upload it on inkpop (when it used to be around), and I remember smiling at people’s comments when they would read something shocking. The fanbase has been amazing through all of this.  
4. Okay, now a story based question: who is your favorite supporting character in your book?
 Lindsey: Without a doubt, it’s Alaire. (Don’t tell Leal that!) He originally wasn’t in the first version of the book, so his presence is extremely significant to the characters as well as me. Whenever I had my doubts, I felt like Alaire’s voice in my head could keep me going. Plus… He’s a handsome guy and has a way with his words, so what’s not to love?
 5. Can you tell us which chapter you look forward for people to read? You don’t have to elaborate on what goes on. Just the chapter number and such.
 Lindsey: So I actually have two that I’m tied between: chapters nineteen and twenty two. I won’t give away what happens, but I’ll just say they’re very shocking chapters. Something that happens in there wasn’t originally planned out to happen, so it was even a bit surprising for me. I’m hoping readers will really enjoy it!
 6. What chapter do you think that will hook your readers? And if you want to add in a non-spoiler like manner, how will it be so?  
Lindsey: I suppose it depends on the reader, but personally I think chapter fourteen is definitely something that will be enjoyable and keep the readers interested. (That’s not to say the chapters before then are boring) There’s more depth about both Celestria and Alaire, and it really starts to reflect on the people they are and the ones they want to become. I found it very interesting to write, and I kept my reader’s interests at heart.
 7. That is your advice to the future writers out there, that are struggling and suffering confidence issues about their work? Can you tell us what really drove and inspired you to approach the publishing industry? What gave you that right push to keep on and succeed?  
Lindsey: My first advice is always to read –read everything and anything you can get your hands on. Honestly reading books about fantasy and historical fiction gave me the passion I needed to do the work that I do now. I suppose that’s what really drove me; I loved reading stories about magic and so forth, and I wanted to create my own that I could share with the world. As for what kept me going through the tough years… I think that I really owe to the fanbase. I know a lot of authors don’t like sharing their work online, but I’m glad that I did. There are amazing writers and readers out there who read other people’s work and seriously care for it, and its people like that who kept me going when times got rough. Every time I’d get a rejection letter I’d go back to the comments page online (whether it was wattpad or inkpop) and read something positive. It was readers -ordinary people like you and me- that kept me going.
She’s such a sweetie and inspiration isn’t she?! 

Now, for the excerpt that Lindsey has so kindly handed over to me to share!  I AM SO EXCITED FOR THIS BOOK!

Doesn’t this sound INTERESTING!?

Here’s is information on CURSED WITH POWER.

Book Description:

Celestria Hale learns that she is one of the last living Dark magicians. Upon leaving her hometown, she searches for others like herself to find out what has happened to her kind. She meets Alaire, another Dark magician with a dangerously sinister past. Through their travels, Celestria and Alaire come face to face with their enemies. The White magicians plot against them, developing a conspiracy that will overtake the last of them. While struggling for survival, Celestria must also come to terms with her sister's death. But is her sister dead? There's no way out. The battle's already begun, and only the most powerful force will prevail. Everyone shows a longing hunger in their eyes, but their greed for power is only the beginning of a war raging between darkness and light. With the war approaching to determine the fate of magicians, Celestria fears for her and Alaire's existence. Destiny may find them, but will it be enough?

I don’t know about you guys, but I know I AM buying this book! I know that it’s going to be amazing and wonderful! I cannot wait to get my hands on it!

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