Monday, February 7, 2011

Alex Pettyfer...getting a bit...OVERWHELMED? (I don't blame him!) Hunger Games added to his plate of offers!

Okay I'm starting to feel sorry for the boy. He's beginning to get A LOT on his plate these days. Three HUGE book to movie adaptions being thrown at him!
Yeah you heard me...THREE!

Firstly (my favorite choice)
The Motal Intstruments-City of Bones-Offered role as Jace Wayland.
He is still in negotiations with Screen Gems and Scott Stewart. Still hope! He will always be my number one Jace Wayland!
Secondly (my second favorite choice)
The Hunger Games-offered role as Peeta.
He has been reportedly offered the role, and has "supposedly" read the books. I'm catching the vibe he doesn't care as much for this series than TMI. And he doesn't seem all that interested as well. But you never know. I think he would do Peeta justice, and I'm for it!
The Seventh Son-offered role as Timothy? (forgive me I'm not up on these books or rumored movie.)
I honestly don't know nothing about these books (never heard of them) or the movie. All I know is he'd be playing alongside Jeff Bridges. Starring with Jeff is BIG points with me, he's a well known actor and I'm a fan of him. SO I wouldn't blame Alex wanting to star with him. It would be an honor!
BUT, the thing is about this speculative is STILL a RUMOR. Jeff, no director, producers, or company has said ANYTHING concrete on this movie or casting. It may not even be optioned as a movie for crying out loud! That's how sketchy this tib bit of news is.

Anyways, I feel for this guy. He has roles being thrown at him from left and right, and to me just thinking about accepting any of these offers would get overwhelming! Yes, this is AMAZING for being offered big timing roles, but also just think about it guys, anyway he goes at it, he'll disappoint fans if he turns down any of the roles. That would get depressing. By what I have heard, he likes all the offers, some may more than others. But coming down to deciding on taking any would be hard on him.
I wish fans would stop bashing him about how he's playing coy and abusing this fans with these speculatives. He's only ONE guy for crying out loud! He can only do so much. Even if he is being offered a lot of money with these jobs, he will most likely will have to turn down at the least one of them. And God forbid it's not TMI, if it comes to that I won't hold it against him anymore. I wouldn't blame him for going for the best choice he thinks best.
This boy has a lot on his plate at the moment.
I don't blame him when he turns any of these projects down! I will not hold it against him! I'm Team Alex all the way, I have been his fan for YEARS and I will still be after this! He's a sweet boy that's coming into fame really well. I look forward to any of his projects he's going to take on. I LOVE him that much!

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I have posted the first comment on each of these articles, if you guys are interest in more of my words. lol.

ANYWAYS, considering on the casting of Jace, as I have said before Alex will always be my first choice. But I do have someone in mind that has the potential of taking his place. lol. Douglas Booth.
Me posty pictures!

I think he has the Jace aura, may not have the exact "look", I agree he doesn't really look like a Jace. But he is HOTT, and has a NICE pair of lips I wouldn't mind tasting. Yummy. *licks lips then blushes* I hate that fans are already bashing him, and he seems REALLY sweet and dedicated to his fans. I'd give him a chance! He may even play Jace even better than Alex! Who knows!?
I'm thinking on seeing if I can get a job in the future with LOL. I'm sooo up on all of this stuff, and I love writing up reports like they do. I think it would be my dream job! haha. Who thinks that I would be a good reporter? Raise you hand like this *raises hand* "I do!" LOL. XD
*huggies* To everyone! I hope you guys enjoy my ranting blogs! I may just have to make a separate blog to rants about this stuff! LOL.

With lots of love, Kristia S.<3<3<3
God Bless<3<3<3
1 Peter 4:10<3<3<3

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