Thursday, December 29, 2011

A NEW addition to my "Falling for History" novels. Let's visit the Ole' West, shall we?

I was just hit BIG TIME with inspiration for this book. I've always wanted to do a YA western, I don't think I have heard any Western YAs. :D Let me know if there is any. lol. I'm going to have Billy the Kid in this one. Hope ya'll take an interest in it. :)

Everyone has heard many legends on Billy the Kid, right? At how he was, the youngest and most wanted outlaw of the old west?
That is right, I tell you.
However, of course, there are some unknown aspects of Billy’s story.
For one, I, Vera Grendel, traveled with him for a month. For two, he wasn’t a heartless murderer, he was a sweet, kind, caring, lost boy, who felt that his life calculated up to nothing. For three, the one legend about his death, when Billy supposedly went into Pedro Maxwell’s sister Paulita’s bedroom? You would think they were together, but let me tell you, Paulita was only nine years old and I was the one in that room. And for four, Sheriff Pat Garret was not a good man at all, he was a murderer and a vicious man.
Anyways, this story isn’t about the legends of Billy the Kid and his unavoidable death. This is a story of how I fell back into time and fell in love with William Henry, the lost boy behind Billy the Kid.
This is our story, set in 1881, over one hundred years before I even existed. This shouldn’t have been possible, but it was, and it did happen.

For real I think that Billy was a lost and confused kid. And I think Pat Garret killed him wrongly. It seemed like a cowardly way to kill somone in the dark. >_< I feel sorry for Billy.

Friday, December 23, 2011

Deadly, New York City, College, and Church. So pretty much all updates on me!

Yeah, I think I'm going to try to blog more often. <3 I miss it too much.
I just updated my template! As you can see, my banner says "Waiting for the snow..." I literally mean it. I would love to have a white Christmas. But I hardly doubt I'll get it. :/ We've only got a skiff of snow a few weeks ago and haven't had any since. It makes me sad. I actually like snow, when it's not taking my electricity. >_< Well, if I don't get any snow, I'll look on my blog and imagine its snow falling outside. LOL
Anyways, the reason behind the picture of the willow tree and graveyard, I used for this template. Well, it's featured on my NaNo's book cover, and I look at it as a promotional thingy. SPEAKING of my NaNo!

I know I said it in my last post that I am almost done with Deadly Deceived, but I am this time. My ending kept changing in my head and couldn't decide which one to do! Ya, know how that goes? Well, anyways, I think I'm going to stick with this one. And THEN I am going to go through it all, add stuff, take out stuff, and then edit it to my best. ^_^ Because I won NaNoWriMo, so I am going to get five copies printed out! ^_^ One will got to Mariella Hunt, Hannah Hunt, Misty Williams, my mom and I will share one, and then I have an extra. ^_^ Here's the book cover I worked on and I may still work on if I see fit. Such a perfectionist.

From the left, Joesph, Laura, Katie, Chyanne, me,
Sararose, Tessa, Kaleigh, and Johnathon.
Just a few weeks ago I got to go to New York City with my church's youth group and my mom. It was fun, buuuuuttttttt tiring. I swear I had blisters on top of blisters! However, I liked NY, but I didn't LOVE it. Quite honestly, it smelled like urine and the people were just downright rude. >_< I couldn't tell you how many people I shurgged off and came "this" close to slugging them in the frickin' face. Nevertheless, I went the good ole' Christian way, turn my left cheek and PLOWED through them. LOL.
Rockefeller Plaza was the worst. We lost HALF of our youth group in the crowd. Oh yeah, Lucy Hale from Pretty Little Liars was Ice Skating around this time. Did I know it? No! I just kept MISSING her by "this" much. Very aggravating, ya, know? That's be like meeting MY Seleste Worthington in person! But noooo, I didn't get to meet her. >_<
HOWEVER, now onto the things that I LIKED/LOVED about NY. ^_^ Yes, there are something aspects I liked. LOL.
Like... Central Park, where I got to meet Balto--well, the statue anyways. ^_^ I have always been a big fan of that movie. Too bad that Kevin Baccon that voiced Balto wasn't there. :/ That would have made my day!
Then my youth teacher told me how that Patrick Dempsey has been rumored to jog in the park. Guess what? I kept on a lookin' but I didn't see that pretty butt running anywhere. Gr. >_< However, I didn't stop looking. lol.
That park is beautiful! Saw some mimes and those people that act like statues. That was pretty dag'gone cool.
Tessa, me, and Chyanne at Bryant Park
This was when we first got there in Time Square during the day
we went back that night to wait out our time.
We witnessed a proposal! If it wasn't staged, anyways.
Went on my first boat EVER! I'm deathly afraid of water you guys! This was very nerve racking for me! We went on the ferry/boat whatever, so we can just pass the Statue of Liberty. We weren't about to go on that island with LOADS of people and definitely get lost from each other. We were already having problems with staying together. I almost thought the teens was itching to get lost. lol. :) It was funny at time. Okay, the boat ride, I kind of did get a little sick on it. :/ Let's say, I rather feel the motor of the boat, than feel it when they turn it off to float on into docking. 0_o It reminded it that I was on A LOT of water. I HATE water, got a phobic of it. >_< And to make it worse, OUR side was leaning a little bit more than the other. Talk about puke moment! But I didn't though, I kept my cool and dignity in tact. lol.
My absolute favorite place was Time Square. Aside from the business that made my skin crawl. I loved the screens, broadway billboards, stores, and the Today Show's studio. That made me excited. :) I didn't care for the langerie advertisements everywhere, though. :/ It wasn't too pleasant to see a half naked girl on a building size plasma screen. It's the truth, sex sells, and I think it's degrading to the woman's gender.
Ground Zero construction
The main reason we went to NY, was to see Ground Zero. I cried and prayed. I can't describe how I felt, by looking up in the sky, picturing people jumping to their deaths from those two buildings. I remember watching it on TV while I was only nine-years-old. It was surreal to be at the location that it happened. While there, I realized by looking through my youth group. Some of them weren't old enough to really realize or possibly remember it happening. Some of the teens are like thirteen and fourteen, that would some of them would have been, three and four years old when it happened. At nine for me, I had a hard time understanding how serious it was back then. I didn't realize the tragedy until I was a few years older. Being at the source really hit me hard at what really happened. It kind of made me sick, honestly. But I prayed and cried hard. I also stood there and thought on how Trump puts his millions into useless and pointless things like hotels for snobby stars like Paris Hilton, and he doesn't put the majority of his money towards good things like building a monument in the memory of all these souls that was lost on 9/11. I shook my head at this.
Anyways, this trip was rememberable. I got to stand in the door of Simon and Shuster! That was something to experienced!
I wouldn't want to live in NY, because the day that I was there, I missed my country hillsides and the sounds of wildlife, not nightlife. Even if it's funny to see guys trying to fight a car. Seriously, that happened! That was entertaining!

 Well, I survived my first semester of College, by the grace of God! I got all As in every one of my classes! I felt so scared about my College 101 grade, because I didn't understand her directions on the Final Project. :/ But I got a 100%! Plus a 100% on my Psychology Final Presentation! Oh, yeah, a 100% on my English Final too! She said I improved so much this semester with essays and GRAMMAR! *gasps* Grammar? Oh you, have to be wrong! Yes! I indeed said GRAMMAR. I know, I'm surprised too! Oh I passed Speech with flying colors! I absolutely LOVED my Speech teacher Mrs. Banks. That woman is so on fire for God that it made me so happy to walk into her classroom!
Well, my next semester will consist of these classes.
Computer and Office Apps
English 110
Fine Arts
Hopefully, I'll do just as good this semester as I did last!


I'm writing the Easter play for this year! It's called "An Easter Hymn". It's about a girl who rebels against her mother, because she's mad at her and God for her father being killed in war. She moves in with her no good boyfriend who uses her in any way possible. Then one night she's visited by a ghostly figure "the Holy Ghost", who show her her past, present, and future. Making her realize things that were in front of her face. Just think "A Christmas Carol" just Eastery. I'm very nervous about this!

So anyways, I'm going to get back to writing Deadly Deceived! Night, night! I'll blog soon! Enjoy this simply me blog post! Hope it entertains you!

1 Peter 4:10!