Saturday, February 26, 2011

80 more days until "Time With Seleste" 's first and my nineteenth birthday! Double the celebration?

In eighty days--almost seventy-nine in like ten minutes as I write this. :) It will be a year since I had the dream that inspired "Time With Seleste"! And surprisingly, it was on my eighteenth birthday! As I have said this in a VERY previous post in the summer or early fall. I think I'm going to qoute it a bit here.

It was May 17th 2010 (my eighteenth birthday to be exact) I had tossed and turned that whole night. Something was bothering me... Then around six o'clock in the morning--I remember this because I looked up at the clock just before I went back to sleep. It was as if I was living this vision, it was that vivid.
Joanna Garcia
Known for her role
as "Cheyenne Hart"
on the TV show "Reba"
I'm viewing from above at first, looking down on these two people. The girl was on the ground bleeding, while the boy was holding her listening intently to what she had to say. Then I'm snapped down to their perspective, I see the girl clearly she looked like the actress Joanna Garcia. The boy I couldn't see clearly, but I knew he was very good looking. Of course, this dream never indicated she was a time traveler though...that's something among a lot of other things I added. :D Then I was brought to another scene, viewed in her perspective. I was her! And I was beautiful like her as well (<-See Joanna Garcia to get what I mean).
(SPOILER coming up) All these people including me are on a boat, and we're going somewhere--no we were running from something and boat was the only way to get away. I turn to the boy I just seen in the previous scene, and I hug him and whisper "I love you." And I focus in on a freckle that was on his neck. Then I turn and run off the deck into icy frigid water. Total blackness in that point of view...
Jackson Rathbone
Well knowingly as
"Jasper Hale"
 in The Twilight Saga.
I'm snapped into--unfortunately a guy's point of view. Eck. And come to my realization the guy looks like my cousin Josh (In my novel he remains Josh but I change his image to Jackson Rathbone and not my cousin.) And he's talking about senseless things, you know how dreams gets. *rolls eyes* Another perspective was shifted to the boy who I name Darien in my novel. He's holding the girl in his arms, seemingly to be scared to death of her condition. She was drenching wet and pale, and when she comes to. They share a tiny passionate kiss, but Darien afterwards storms off angry at her for what she had done. The girl, all she was thinking was that Darien was safe. Because she knew if she didn't do what she did, he would have jumped in and not have came back at all. So she did something to save a guy she loved most. The dream ended there.

^_^ I enjoyed typing up that post, because I love talking about how I came up with the idea of Time With Seleste--(TWS), I'm so proud of it.
Anyways, in eighty days-well seventy-nine now, I'll be celebrating my and TWS's birthday! I'm so excited! And hopefully I'll have the first draft wholly written by then, that is my goal by the way. And I also would like to have a good start on the second draft of it. :) Which I have already gotten a good revision/rewrite of the first chapter, more mystery and description. I'm working on cutting down on dialogue and have more description. :)
So far, part of that dream, like on the boat thing, I may not write that anymore. It don't really fit no more with the plot. But there will be a boat somewhere in the second book.
TWS, has grown a lot in this past year, just like a real baby. :) I have learned so much, but still need to know more. TWS has went from a one shot novel, to a trilogy, and now finally a two part series, and possibly a novella about the past and background of the story. :) This story had grown, and I have along with it. :)
BUT, lately I haven't been feeling it. Like my muse has gone away, and I'm SO CLOSE to being finished! And I'm eager to start the second book, where it all gets INTENSE. Betrothals are broken out, fights to be begun, love conflictions, learning of the past, and a choice to be made to determine everyone's fate. I'm so EXCITED! I have so many ideas that it is getting pretty overwhelming! I can't keep up! So I'm sticking to main key scenes, and hopfully all of my other ideas I can't keep up with will jump in when needed.  :/

Well I thought I would blog about this tonight, considering I haven't blogged much lately, only little tibits here and there. :)

With lots of love, Kristia S.<3<3<3
God Bless<3<3<3
1 Peter 3:10

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