Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Just finished Wm. Paul Young's "The Shack"

Well total cry fest tonight as I finally finished the last half of "The Shack." by Wm. Paul Young. That book has opened my eyes to God, Jesus, and The Holy Spirit. Or should I say Papa, Jesus and Sarayu? lol.
I really reccomend the book if you're having trouble in your faith. It really uniquely administers obivious views from God's eyes onto certain subjects. As like to forgiving an abusive father, enduring the murder of a daughter, or forgiving the murderer of your daughter. It all comes together in a spirit lifting conclusion. And I really enjoyed reading Mack's journey!
Thanks Kathy for lending me the book!

Well night all! I'm especially fond of you!

With lots of love, Kristia S.<3<3<3
God Bless<3<3<3 Or should I say? Papa Bless?
1 Peter 4:10

Saturday, December 25, 2010

"Sunlight." by wildgreenskittle aka Gwen on inkpop.com. GREAT READ!

by wildgreenskittle
on inkpop.com
 Okay I have found yet another obsess worthy book on inkpop! Guess who it's by?
No other than the genius wildgreenskittle aka Gwen (newg). This is the second of my faves coming from her! She blew me away with "Steel Horizon." which was a top pick in November!
Anyways this is a companion novel to "Steel Horizon." when I found out, I got stoked! Cause my love for Steel Horizon reaches high, so of course I got grasped onto for this read!
But I'm going to be honest, this has been sitting in my watch list for a while. I've been lazy about reading projects on inkpop lately. :/ I've been pretty busy writing on "Invisible Heart." So now I'm ashamed that I didn't read it sooner! GAHH!!! *cries*
ANYWAYS, I think you my followers should definitely check out this genius book! You won't regret it!

My official comment on inkpop.com below.


wrote 1 hour ago [edit comment]
You know what?

I absolutely adore this! The whole main plot of this is awesome!

BUT, my only thing I’m concerned about is…your main characters ages. :/ If you are aiming for this to be a YA novel, you’ll have to keep them in the teen range. I’ve had this complaint on my own stuff before, and publishers will point that out sooner or later. IF you are aiming for this to be a YA. So if I were you, I would consider either taking the ages down to nineteen or eighteen to keep in that range, so publishers won’t gripe about it. But if you’re not planning on this as being a YA. You’re PERFECT!
Anyways, that was my only concern that MIGHT need improving.

I love how you make the relationship between West and Reese so natural and cute. You make it so addictive to feel what they feel, and it draws a reader into the story even more. I can feel Reese’s tummy tingling along with her, and that even draws me in more. I haven’t had a good tummy romance tingle in a while (Well actually since Steel Horizon XD ), I’ve craved one for so long. I thrive for cute easygoing romances. And West and Reese are quenching my want for it!

But in some parts I feel that you could slow the pace down. Maybe in the second draft? Perhaps slow it down a bit? Possibly make Reese crave West’s presence not because he made her feel something for him, but because she doesn’t want to be alone anymore? Just a suggestion, for me this is fine as it is. I’m only pointing out what others might have some confliction on.

I love how you describe how smexy West is, with his black spiky hair and blue eyes. I can’t help but picture a guy like “Elijah Wood.” Or “Logan Lerman.” Or perhaps even “Tom Welling.” (but he may be too buff. Lol. ) OHH! Maybe the guy (I forgot his actual name) he plays Tyler Lockwood on The Vampire Diaries! Lol. Well you catch my drift, I picture the most hottest guys in my mind for West. YUMMY.

BUT, I haven’t gotten the vibe if what Reese looks like. :/ All I pretty much catch is that she is a girl. And perhaps that is pretty, because of how West keeps staring at her. ;)

My heart broke for Reese when West leaves in chapter thirteen! I had tears in my eyes! But that kiss woooo *fans self* HOT! But I wouldn’t mind a little bit more description on it, give us more of a feel and at how long it lasted.

OMGOSH! Is all I can say really! And I’m going to blog about this, to let my followers know about this epic read! This soooooo deserves to be published! IT NEEDS TO BE PUBLISHED!
Now you’re making it hard on me to pick which is my favorite, Steel Horizon or Sunlight??!! AHHH!!!!! What to choose!!! I CANNOT!!!!! Haha

Genius work!
This is going to be on my picks for a long while girly!

Well gotta go work on a new project of mine, so I can get it posted on here by New Years. :D

Keep this up! Can you notify me when you update???? Puh-LEASE????? Lol XD

With lots of love, Kristia S.<3<3<3
God Bless you always<3<3<3

Well night night all!!

With lots of love, Kristia S.<3<3<3
God Bless<3<3<3
1 Peter 4:10<3<3<3

Merry Christmas! (Happy Birthday Jesus!)

Just thought I'd blog my Merry Christmas to my followers!

Love you guys! And thank you for following me in these last few months! I really appreciate it! And I enjoy following you guys and keeping up with all of your posts! Yes-I read most of them. XD

And Happy Birthday to Jesus! For he is was born on this day, so he could save us on the day he went to the cross. I love you Jesus! And thank you!

Well all! Hope I still have you and more followers by this time next year!

With lots of love, Kristia S.<3<3<3
God Bless<3<3<3
1 Peter 4:10

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Oh to ye wrapping paper! How do thou hate ye! (Busy, busy, busy)

I have wrapped until I cannot wrap no more!!

I have been literally swamped with wrapping up my nephew's gifts. (Gifts that we thought we weren't going to able to afford. Explain later.)

Okay before I get to the wrapping catastrophy! I'll get onto other things.

Reasons I haven't been online or been able to respond to everyone or even write for the past week or so. Well...Tuesday I went shopping with my youth pastor and cousin at K-Mart, fetching $149.00 worth of presents for homeless kids down at sojurners. I never knew how hard it was to shop for an eleven year old girl! (I consider that the awkward age. Stuck between being a tom-boy and being introduced to the world of make-up and being girly. So it could go either way, and I had no idea really what to get.) Oh and don't get me started on teenaged boys, which was even more hard. We were going to get them some skateboards, BUT they were like thirity dollars a piece. So we had to settle with some balls. Shopping for kids was fun, the toys put my generation of toys to SHAME! I never knew how pregressed toys was these days until I started playing around with them that day! Like those Zhu-Zhu pets? Those things are awesome (Even though they remind me of those little cat toys, that kitties chased around the house. lol. )
Okay afterwards, I had to go play camera person and director for a scene that my youth group's Christmas Cantata/Play. We went to an actual train station and filmed the scene in the flippin cold! And the cars passing above our heads on the bridge that was over the station and tracks, well let's brrr...more cold air came swamping down on us. My cheeks turned red, my hands felt like blocks of ice, I could barely press the buttons on my video camera. It was fun, don't get me wrong. I got to hang out with my awesome youth pastor-Curtis, my cousin-Ashley, and my good friend-Andre. We had a blast, laughed a lot, and went out to eat twice. Mcdonalds around noon and Ginos around four o'clock.
Wednesday, cantata pratice and youth lesson. Same ole' same ole', but I was still tired from the day before. And I was still editing the videos I was doing for the play.
Thursday and Friday, I was online and you guys may have ran into me. LOL.
Saturday, play pratice. Then around one or two we went to the kid's homeless shelter. VERY SAD. I wanted to cry at seeing so many kids there. Some were only like just months old! It was so sad. Then afterwards, the whole youth group got taken to McDonalds. Me I had a number fourteen "Swiss Mushroom." YUMMY. lol. Well we were leaving, going to be a long time getting all of the youth group home. Because where they lived all over the place. We had literally twenty of our teens that day to go. Well we pulled out of the parking lot, and all the sudden, "HEY! THERE'S JOSEPH RUNNING!" we all look out the window, there comes skinny jeaned Joseph running over snow pile after my youth pastor's Yukon (BTW, total Gas drinker. I stalked the gas meter the whole day.). His excuse was "I was taking a crap!" *chills* Then Curtis goes on a ramble about how he left a boy in Marrietta Ohio, back in the day. That he had to travel back three hours to go get the kid. (This is before cell phone time.) Then he went on about how that boy grew up to moved to San Fran and turned gay. Literally...

Me, Laura, Brandy, and Tessa. In the Church's
bathroom getting ready for the play.
We love taking pictures. <3
I love my girlies!
Then SUNDAY, all day pratice from 9:00 A.M until curtains down that night after the actual play. I was the narrator in some parts, and I had a time seeing my lines on the projector screen on the back wall. It was fuuny, I probably looked like an old woman with my glasses down my nose trying to see the words. And then I had a few acting parts, consisting of a preppy part saying "TOTALLY!" and then writing a letter to God. It was nerve racking knowing that one hundred and thirty five people showed up. IT WAS AWESOME!

Me and Kara.
I <3 her so much!
 Then MONDAY, my whole day consisted if wrapping up thirty-nine presents for my three nephews. My Momal helped of course, but still it was some hard work. I'm sick of wrapping paper. The funny thing is about how we didn't think the kids wouldn't have much of a Christimas this year is...well my brother in law lost his job six months ago. We were only going to get about two or three presents a piece. Well my nephew's school found out about this and funded them some money from a coal miners donation for poor families. And then a church up in Perryville (I have no idea where that is.) They sent a truck bed load to our house of toys. EXPENSIVE TOYS. I mean like remote controled trucks and motorcycles. And some clothes. So my nephews will have an fufulling Christmas Saturday.

Well I thought I would ramble about my week to you guys! And ALSO! Check this beauty out that my inkie bestie Hannah made for her character I'm basing off her!

GORGEOUS ISN'T IT???? Her character's name is Ria Malone and she's a Fire Fae/Sprite.
Oh how much I want to draw or make something for my friend! I just can't think of anything really! I thought I'd attempt to draw her character based off this photo manip I did a little bit ago.

But I want to do something more. :/ I guess I'll think up something. Maybe I'll break out one of my other hidden talents. lol. Yeah...TALENTS. lol. NOT.

Well gotta get to bed. I have to go to Krogers and get some stuff before Christmas, and then Church. We are going to be partying! LOL.

Night night!

With lots of love, Kristia S.<3<3<3
God Bless<3<3<3
1 Peter 4:10<3<3<3

Saturday, December 18, 2010

"Invisible Heart." Still Motion Book Trailer!! Check it OUT NOW!!!

Just hott off from Windows Movie Maker. I've spent my whole night working on this baby. (And I think it still needs tweaking. :/ )
Comment! Like! Please! :D

Alyna (Aly) Pikely- Victoria Justice
Malakai (Kai) Larchwood-Alex Pettyfer [ ; ) ]
Ria Malone-Lyndsy Fonseca
The Sprite Lord- Hugh Laurie

Like to hear what you guys think!!

With lots of love, Kristia S.<3<3<3
God Bless<3<3<3
1 Peter 4:10<3<3<3

Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Mortal Instruments fan ramble and picture manipulation.

Boy I'm on a roll with picture manipulations for Jace and Clary! I'm just so phyched over Lily being Clary! I think she's absolutely PERFECT!
Now I really do HOPE and PRAY Alex Pettyfer will be our Jace. He's always been my Jace, hopefully he'll be Screen Gems's Jace Wayland too.

This is a pretty cover. But it makes me nervous.

I've been so freaking nervous about "City of Fallen Angels". (I don't like how Clary and Simon are on the cover. But it is pretty, don't get me wring.) --> 
I SO scared that Jace and Clary won't end up together. GAH! The first three books would be kind of POINTLESS if they don't! Gosh! I think I need to stop following Cassie's twitter, because every freaking tweet makes me nervous. And I'm getting the vibe that she doesn't really like the Jace and Clary pairing, for some odd reason. :/ Seems like she favors Simon the most. Eck. I don't like Simon, he's annoying. And if she does pull a (If you ever read this Cassie. I'm sorry, I love you, but I have to say what I feel.)-- stupid stunt as to splitting Jace and Clary up in the end of the whole series. I think that the fans like me, will most likely send her HATE mail from HELL to her until DOOMSDAY. It would be freaking ridiculous to have most of the TMI fans cheer on this couple and they actually are together in the end of the three books, and then to spilt them up in the next three. That would freaking SUCK monkey balls, and be completely pointless. I mainly read this series BECAUSE of Jace and Clary. I thrive for this couple.
Okay...I don't go for Jace just because he's SMEXY, I go for him because Clary brings out his kind, adoring, loving, and brightly lit soul he has. He's a good person and he loves Clary with his whole being. And she does too. Or they wouldn't have tortured their selves through the whole first three books of not being able to be together. My heart broke everytime theirs did. :/
Simon, I do like him on some levels. BUT, he kind of gets annoying about being clingy to Clary. (I know guys like this, I actually DATED guys like this. And they were not the best boyfriends. They don't give you space or leave you alone when you want to be. And they call at like three o'clock in the morning just to "talk". And when you do go to sleep while on the phone with them, they make sure you wake back up to listen to their yammering. ECK. DUMPED THEM!) I can see Simon going for Maia, I actually route for that couple. :D I think they're ADORABLE. Isabelle, not so much. (I don't like her.)

Well I thought I'd ramble there a bit about my fear and whys. :D lol.

Gotta go feed my thirty doggies that's barking for me out in the freezing snow, (They won't stay in their dog houses that has a 250 Watt heat lamp keeping them pretty toasty. But nooo they want to bark for food, knowing that I will feed them in a few minutes.) ANYWAYS, I'm TMI fanaticking STILL hopefully my next post won't be on this subject. Maybe I'll post about how I've signed up for Wattpad.com. XD


With lots of love, Kristia S.<3<3<3
God Bless<3<3<3
1 Peter 4:10

Monday, December 13, 2010

A New Clary and "Possible" Jace Picture Manipulation I have Made!

Ya like?
I haven't gotten over the casting news yet! I'm still hyped up! EEEKK!!!
*crosses fingers* Hopefully, almost everyone's favorite Jace actor pick will come true too!!

Friday, December 10, 2010

Clary Fray CASTED!!!!! I'm uber excited and JEALOUS!!!!

Lily Collins as Clary Fray.
(I manipulated this picture.
The red hair and green eyes.)
Lily Collins   is our beloved Clary Fray! Isn't she gorgeous!?
She is almost the ideal Clary. Well...for me anyways. Because I never really had a good visual on Clary while I was reading, other than seeing my own self. I think she's perfect! And she's SO TINY! LOVELY!!!
Okay...I'm excited and plus a little JEALOUS! Because I thought that "Face of A Fan.com" was going to do an open casting call for Clary. And I was sooooo going to try out. *shrugs* Guess that's not going to work out. :/ I wouldn't have made it anyway, BECAUSE I'm not pretty enough. *sighs* (see my about me page to see what I'm talking about being not pretty enough.)
And I definitely wouldn't make it as an Isabelle. :/ Actually, I wouldn't try out for her anyway. I DON'T LIKE HER! lol.
Gosh, I just realize something! Doesn't Lily resemble Emma Roberts? Doesn't she a little?

Alex Pettyfer
Hopeful JACE!!!
 Well ANYWAYS! I'm soooooo excited! This is going to be awesome!

So anyone up for going along with me and chant--"ALEX PETTYFER! ALEX PETTYFER!" to the casting director or what? lol. He's an ideal Jace Wayland/Lightwood/Hernondale.
Go here if you want to support him in MTV's open letter to the casting director! ->MTV's Open Letter To TMI Movie Casting Director
Oh well even if they don't get him, they'll find another suitable yummy delicious guy to play Jace. *crosses fingers* HOPE!!!
BUT, wouldn't Alex look sooooo good beside Lily here? I think so!!!
Well I'm happy with this casting choice!!!! :D
Hopefully I'll be just as pleased with the rest of the cast!

*insert high pitched girly fan squeal here*


I know obnoxious. :/ BUT I cannot help it! I'm uber excited!!!
With lots of love, Kristia S. <3<3<3
God Bless <3<3<3
1 Peter 4:10 <3<3<3

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Tummy tingling GOOD "Autumn of Secrets." by Mariella Hunt

Listening To: "Rangers." by A Fine Frenzy
What I am doing: Comtemplating on revamping my blog.
What I am watching: Walker Texas Ranger (hm that's interesting, I'm listening to a song about rangers. LOL I just noticed that.)Mood: Good, happy, and creative.
Onto my bloggie blog blog post. XD

One of my fave projects so far!

"Autumn of Secrets"

by MariellaHunt
Book: General Fiction, Romance, Paranormal
"This wishing well really did work. For years, the neighborhood waited, each hoping the other would take the tragic wish. Then Olivia moved in."

"Some wishing wells really do work. The one down the street obviously did.

The well granted wishes three ways---perfectly, then oddly, and then tragically. The neighborhood had been stuck for years, waiting for the tragic wish to be made. That way they could continue with the other two. But none of them were going to make the tragic wish.

To their eyes, newbies were the perfect chance to get it done. They didn't say a thing about it. It was amazing, all the problems that greed unleashed.

And look where Olivia wound up, for trying to solve them."

All I can say this WOWIE about this read. I highly reccomend it! Or I wouldn't be dedicating this post to it! It's such an AUH-MAZING read! It keeps you on the edge of your seat the whole way. And the Romance, woo buddy buddy! Talk about tummy tingling GOODNESS!! My kind of BOOK!!! I'm ALL about the ROMANCE!

Here's my offical comment on inkpop.com XD

OH WOW. I lost sleep over this read! I read it all last night, finished it around 4 this morning. lol. I bout fell asleep in church! lol.
MAN word to express how I feel about this epic read! Sheesh! lol. Well two words will pretty explain it.
I am like obsessed with this. Especially, of Ian. ;) I fell in love with these characters and the plot is so divine and exqusite. I dreampt about this!! And that's saying something! And I haven't got a good romance tummy tingle reading moment in GOD knows how long, but the chapter where Olivia and Ian kiss, wooooo MAJOR Tummy tingle! It actually brought tears to my eyes.

My only thing that I think you could work on is the description of the characters. I'm unsure of how Olvia looks, apart from her having brown hair. And I caught a little error in early chapter then next to the last, in the beginning you say Ian had blue eyes then when he got posesses you said he had brown that turned into a light blue.
But what's is editing good for?! I know you'll smooth this baby out and it will be PERFECT! Honestly, it is perfect aside from little errors. Honestly, who doesn't have errors??? I know I do!

Please please *gets on knees to beg unrelentlessly* UPDATE SOON!!!



With lots of love, Kristia S.<3<3<3
God Bless<3<3<3
Well got to go. I'm off to write a little, hopefully. *crosses fingers* I haven't been able to stick to writing much lately, just brainstorming and making covers. :/ It's really depressing.
Love all of you!!!!
WOOHOO over five hundred page views! I'm pretty popular!!!!
Oh yeah me got a new cell phone! I LOVE IT! (I'm going to dedicate a whole post to it sometime. Maybe tonight. I don't know. lol)
Well honestly I have a good bit of LIFE news. So I'll add it to that post. :D Gots some good news concerning school for me. :D

With lots of love, Kristia S.
Always remember this: 1 Peter 4:10<3<3<3
TTFN-- Ta-Ta For Now!