Kristia S. is from the pristine mountains of West Virginia (U.S.A) At age twenty, she is well on her way to becoming an author. She wishes to specialize in young adult fiction/romance.
Her inspiration of becoming an author derives from reading James Patterson's "Maximum Ride" and Stephenie Meyer's "The Twilight Saga", but before any of those books were even thought of, her main inspiration at age nine was that she wanted to be the youngest author ever. Thus, she had lost interest for a few years time when realizing that her stories weren't good at that age.
At the ending of eight grade, Kristia and her class was assigned a project of "Write your own horror short-story." It was only suppose to be only ten pages long, and she ended up writing fifty pages in her own hand writing. Had took up all her time in writing the project, she had no time to copy it down on computer to received a full grade on the paper. To her surprise, she still got a full grade for her story!
The assignment came and went, leaving behind the writing craving within her. She absolutely began to love writing down plots and creating characters all over again. Thus, reviving the hunger of a nine year old aspiring writer. However, no matter how much she hungered for writing, a long time afterwards she ignored it, with having no self confidence in herself to start writing.
Her ninth grade year came and wound down to her last semester, Kristia then began writing a project idea "The Forgotten Ones". It was short lived, slightly plagarized by a fan fiction she had read, (she'll openly admit that) so it pretty much was a fan fiction of a fan fiction, and the plot had been scattered all about her, but it got her passion for writing to soar through her yet again. She had given into the temptation of the pen and paper...and she will not ever let it go again. 

Kristia and her church's youth group at King's Island in 2010.
Kristia is a dedicated Christian, and attends her local church youth group regularly, and even teaches a youth lesson on occasions.  She wants to witness about her faith in God to her readers not necessarily through her projects-- (because not all of her projects will have the religious appeal), but to witness through the ability of being able to write these stories with God blessing her be able to have an imagination to create such realms.
God for surely-as she believes- has blessed her with dreams and ideas for her books. She wouldn't have these blessings if it wasn't for Him in heaven and she wouldn't have the opportunity if Jesus hadn't died on that cross for her sins.
Another one of Kristia's passions is teens. She wants to be a good influence on them. That is why she favors writing young adult. With writing for young adults, she also wants to able to teach them. Give them knowledge and inspire them like her English teachers had done her. In Spring of 2012, she attended her first year of college to further her knowledge of her love of English Literature. Among the knowledge she will be gaining, she will use it towards her dream of becoming a better writer, and to pursue a career in teaching. Starting with preschool and working her way up to be a college English professor. 

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