Thursday, September 30, 2010

*runs around and squeals* Renesmee!!!

Makenzie Foy is our little leading lady in Breaking Dawn! She's beautiful! She is perfect! I love her!!

I AM SOOOOO EXCITED!!!!!!!! Love it love it love it!!!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

3 Hott Uncles Divide Into The Complicated Word L.O.V.E = New Book In Store!!

Just yesterday I thought up a new book plot! Yes you heard me right! I just started another book in one freaking day! I have the title, book cover, tagline, catagories, names, pitch and actor visuals!!!!

In order from the left. David Conrad as Arthur Blugrave--Tom Welling as Shane Blugrave--Matt Bomer as Cole Blugrave--A random baby off from google as Eli (still comtemplating a last name.) And Meaghan Jett Martin as Danielle Blugrave.

I got this idea when I was talking fantasy casting with my Grandmother. We were watching "Ghost Whisperer" and Jim aka David Conrad-I have the hugest crush on him! I said I would love to see him acting alongside Matt Bomer as brothers, because they could pass off as brothers! Then I saw a comercial about "Smallville" And saw Tom Welling aka Clark Kent, and then I added him to my fantasy brotherly love mix!
Then I was like "Hmmm...maybe I could write a book based on the fantasy casting!" So I got onto the idea of writing a YA novel about three sexy uncles taking care of a teenaged girl and little one year old brother. And that the girl would play a match maker for her uncles to find them their soul mates.
Well just read the info below!!

The offcial book cover.
 “3 Divide Into LOVE.”
Danielle’s Match Making Game
 Theme song: Love Games by Lady Gaga.
“A teenaged niece, will play a match maker for her three hott single uncles—Let the love game begin!”

 General Fiction, Romance, Comedy, Adventure

When Danielle and her little brother are orphaned. Their three very handsome and single uncles will step up to the plate of being their legal guardians.
The three will bring laughter, love and completion to Danielle’s home once again. And perhaps little bit of comedy with the three trying to change a one-year-old ornery boy, who likes to urinate on people for a chuckle.
Meanwhile, Danielle wallows in misery of losing her parents— however, until Danielle’s uncles’ pressures her to socialize with local teens in their new town.
Big no-no, she’s not happy about that!
Determined to get her uncles’ off her back and out of her business. She begins her little match making game to find them soul mates, and to keep them busy.
But Danielle’s social life suddenly becomes a little bit flirty when she meets a local boy—Bryson Jacobson. Danielle then thinks a social life might not be so bad… Then things get more complicated than she aimed for.

Will Danielle find her uncle’s soul mates?
Or will the uncles turn her little game right back on her?
Most importantly, will her uncles learn to properly change a diaper and manage to not get peed on?

 Yeah I'm going out of my comfort zone with realistic general fiction. I've never wrote a story that doesn't have supernatral dealings in it. So this is going to be exciting! I've already got 1,938 words wrote for the first chapter. The style is going to be approach differently too. I'm going to write some in diary entries from Danielle's point of view and then sync it to third person. It's something I'm looking forward to!!
Oh yeah...I took my middle name and named Danielle! I've always wanted to use the name in one of my books. But she is NOT based off of me what so ever! She's too girly to be me. lol.

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Logan Leerman as Bryson Jacobson.
Meaghan Jett Martin as Danielle Blugrave.
"She wasn't looking for love.
But she finds it in a unlikely place..."

I will be posting it on inkpop when I either hit 10,000 words or 20,000. But I might wait until I'm done with the first draft of "Time With Seleste." I'm scared "3 Divide Into LOVE." might interfere with my creative flow for TWS.
Well hope you guys read when I do post!

With lots of love, Kristia S.<3
God Bless<3<3<3 1 Peter 4:10