Science Fiction/Fantasy, Adventure, Mystery, Romance 

She was his future, and he was her past…
Time is fragile like a butterfly. You never know how long you have to live. Each, second, minute, hour, is numbered like the numerals on a clock. One second, you’re flying with your wings stroking the winds powerfully. Then the next second, you’ve plummeted to the ground, your wings broken from the fall, and most of all, you’ve met your end. Time is just that simple, and life is just as fragile, especially, if it involves a torn girl named Seleste.
What if someone knew you were going to die soon? But don’t know when, where, or how? However, he knows you’re going to die, because you came to him dying, desperate, and telling him of the future, but you’re confused of which side of the battle has this outcome, and who is for the right. This boy will have to rely on his heart and tie his and her destines together to find out.
But will she allow him to?
Book One Soundtrack
1. Somebody Help Me     -Full Blown Ross
2. Prelude 12/21     - AFI
3. Behind The Scenes    -Francesca Battistelli
4. Face Down in the Right Town     - Earlimart   
5. Memories     -Within Temptation
6. Rangers    -A Fine Frenzy  
7. The Lost Get Found   -Britt Nicole
8. When She Cries   -Britt Nicole
9. The Beacon    - A Fine Frenzy
10. Inner Strength -Hilary Duff
11. Time Of Dying    -Three Days Grace 
12. Winter Song     -Sara Bareilles & Ingrid Michaelson
 Science Fiction/Fantasy, Adventure, Mystery, Romance
She had thought she had lost everything; that was when she had everything and didn't know it. When she discovered that she did have everything, the love, family, hope, and a good life she's always desired. That's when things seemed to get taken away from her, in treacherous, painful ways. And all she had left was time, time, and more time, so much that she could see the far horizon of it, stretching out before her reaching arms. Maybe Seleste can use that time to get everything back...even if she doesn't exist anymore…afterward.

Romance, Science Fiction/Fantasy, Adventure, Mystery