Thursday, October 4, 2012

Like? Would you read it? Righteous Wishes: Wishbooks of Distoria: Book One

In Distoria, people live under a power hungry ruler named Distane; whose reign is like an unstoppable plague over the land.
Emma finds distaste in their Emperor’s infectious rule, and notices all of his unjustly deeds. Her mother is an Emissary to Distane, which means Emma oftentimes witnesses the unjust in person. Distorians despises Emma because of her mother’s government authority. On her home Emeril Isle, Emma used to enduring daily ordeal of hatred, judgment, and torment. That is until she’s inspired by her new friendship with a mysterious, alluring gypsy boy named Ace.
Life changes when Emma stumbles upon a Wishbook. A Wishbook can grant any wish written in it. But having one's wish doesn't mean joy and happiness. It can also mean misfortune; although, anyone would still kill for this book.
Thus, the existence of this Wishbook wreaks havoc on Distoria and Emma. Emma does not want the responsibility; all she wants is her freedom. Before she can attain freedom from an unwanted life and this Wishbook, she has to find the Paladin. The Paladin is a person who can change Distoria with the Wishbooks.
However, along the way, Emma discovers danger searches for her all the more.
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