Sunday, April 3, 2011

A sniper/murder lived CLOSE to me. Community clean up. Making a deal with myself.

Well I haven't blogged in ages. HERE WE GO WITH A RUN DOWN!

Firstly, I don't know if anyone outside my state has heard about "The Gas Station Sniper" has been caught. Well let me go into a little bit more detail on it. Eight years ago a sniper attacked three gas stations in the same month, killing three people--Jeanie Patton, Okie Meadows, and Gary Carrier. The sniper used a 22 rifle and drove a dark color Ford truck. This case has been cold sense 2003, until recently, when the police arrested Shawn Lester. He has buried his truck (and possibly rifle) on some 53 acre farmland. He has admitted to one of the killings-Jeanie Patton, but not to the other two, who was killed by the same rifle. The reason behind him killing Jeanie, it was because her and her boyfriend "stole" a truck engine from a garage he was in charge of. And the engine block was filled with meth.
0.O Yup, drug motive.
Get this ya'll!
He didn't live far from me! I'm talking almost walking distance! And I used to be best friends with his niece (which we aren't anymore)! I knew that family had a crazy gene, because I saw it first hand with his niece. But I wouldn't think he'd resolve to killing someone. Makes me not want to step on his niece's toes anymore. 0.O Like I have any beef with her anymore, anyways. But still.

I'm just glad that this case is coming to a close soon. The families of the ones he killed has haven't gotten any peace about their loved one's deaths for eight years! It just freaks me out that he lived THAT CLOSE to me. Ekk!
DUDE, I am so sore I am walking around like I've rode a horse for days on end. Wanna know why? Well...I pretty much walked (and some jogging) seven miles yesterday, cleaning up trash in my holler with my youth group. I'm sore in places that I didn't think was possible to be sore at.
You wouldn't believe how many beer bottles I picked up! I mean the people that live on my road has to not have any livers left!
The craziest things we picked up was, a fire extinguisher, a truck's tailgate, a DVD player, and a Pokemon VHS. Seriously, it's crazy what people litter on the sides on the roads! It's disgusting! I am NEVER littering again! Especially after working from 9 to 5 *starts humming "Working From Nine to Five"* cleaning up the crap, gahhh. And there was this one guy that had the NERVE to cuss at my church youth group out about cleaning up!
(Excuse my language)
We were just walking along picking up the trash and a truck stopped.
"You tell me you guys are out here cleaning up all this shit! Well you're going to be here for a hell of a long time!" then they speed off squealing their wheels.
But guess what?
We got that road done in a hour! HA! In your faces jerks!
So yeahhh...I can barely move without wanting to scream in pain! lol. Oh YEAH, my brand new LG Optimus Andriod phone of mine? Well it went in the creek when I was running! GAH! I am sooo depressed by it! My screen is so screwed up with water in it! (rice doesn't work, I don't care what you say, it's not coming out) I also lost my back to my phone!
So my mom ordered me another one, instead of replacing it. BECAUSE the replacement plan with Sprint can send me a totally different phone (which would be a equal value of mine I have) and it would be used. So my mom's phone is up for an upgrade, so she's going to let me have it and she keeps her old phone that she loves.

Okay I have been so distracted lately with other writing projects and my GED classes, that I really haven't sat down and wrote a book out fully. And this week, considering I don't have much to go with Time With Seleste's first draft, I'm going to finish it by sunday! I am bound and DETERMIND! I wrote about 10k last week, by taking 2k a day. But I did hit miss a day or two, where I did that community clean up and was VERY tired from some days after school. But I think I can finish Time With Seleste's first book's first draft! (wow that was a mouth full) I'm really not far from where I want to stop it! *squeals*

Well got to go to bed ya'lls! School in the morning.

Love yas!

God Bless<3<3<3

1 Peter 4:10<3<3<3

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