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It's PROMO Time! Read this baby!


by shiftermover0308
Book: Adventure, General Fiction, Science Fiction/Fantasy, Romance
Art speaks volumes.
Life is all fun and games until your drawings start talking. And for Sage, that's exactly what happened after her father, a self proclaimed artist, vanished into thin air when she was twelve. The voices hit, bringing pain and torture with them. What people assumed was schizophrenia, was the conversations she had with real people. Granted, they were dead, but on paper they had new life.

Too bad Sage couldn't stand the stories, the screaming, the incessant pounding the souls brought to her head. All she wanted was silence. All she needed was Aden.

When she meets the mysterious Aden at the local art store, Sage’s wish is granted. The souls stay quiet, and she’s amazed at the peace Aden’s presences brings. But, when an offer appears to help her, to make the voices disappear permanently, there’s no way she could refuse.

The only catch: it will cost her her soul.

Will Sage be willing to pay the price for silence, or will she drown in her own terrifying insanity?

Here are some screenshots that I LOVE doing, and find every excuse to make them. ^_^

Here's my review, considering all of my review isn't seen in the above screen shot.

"With first noticing something about this story, was that it has a different perspective of people talking to the dead. Not like the clich├ęd “Ghost Whisperer” way. You give it a different and more interesting way to it. With Sage drawing souls and talking to them to help them to cross over to a peaceful place. What an awesome idea. Something I think a publisher would grab up in no time. Considering that it’s never been used to my knowledge.
What drew me in even further was how you explained the drawings in a artists perspective. With the ebony pencils, mentioning of shading in the picture, and complete the drawing with just a sketch of a strand of hair. Making the picture come to life with the completion.
My heart feels for Sage with her being different and not accepted in Talon’s society. Deeming her as a crazy, where she talks to her drawings. My heart breaks as people point and judge her through and through this story. Especially when Juda, does God awful things to her— more appointed in the end.
But you have written out the bully—Juda very well and believable. Making the reader hate his guts and wish him dead sometimes. That area right there earns more points with me. Making me hate a character with a passion.
You reveal the background of Sage’s life splendidly through these chapters. Concerning her ability to draw and talk to the dead, and along the other lines about her mother, father, and ex friends of hers. With every chapter you are learning something new about her, like we readers are learning about a person in reality. So with this it makes it very realistic.
Her friendship with Larz and Kat, is very well written and easy going. Something I love to read about. But you have given an interesting twist to Larz’s side of the friendship. With him caring more for Sage than just a friend. But she doesn’t return it. That makes that side of Sage’s life more interesting. With wondering if it’ll grow to more as readers read on.
Kat is a loveable and funny character. With her constant ramblings over Ronnie, and her little tiffs with her brother. “I’ll shank you with my colored pencils” is my favorite quote from her. And she has a nice taste in hair dye and clothing as well. Even if it’s different and kind of funky. She certainly doesn’t let “Project Runway” rub off on her, unless she lets the crazy folk on that show inspire her–which is probably the case—. But Kat is one supporting character that is very interesting to read.
Aden caught my attention with how when he’s around, the voices go quiet. Soon as he appeared, I think I already felt a spark of love. Especially, when he can relieve Sage’s pain, and also considering the black hair with a little white stripe and those sapphire eyes. Any girl would go gaga over that guy. I just knew there’s going to be a little bit more between her and him, when she’ll be wanting to be around him a lot where he makes the voices go away. I could just sense it then, as the time would pass they would grow fond of each other.
You have the gift of detail, that’s for sure. And that’s what I love to read. You give the feel of her drawings, atmosphere, and her surroundings out really well in this written word. That right there is an addiction in the making!
The relationship you form between Sage and Aden is really something, kind of intoxicating, as Sage gets her dose of quietness and yet gets to be around a sexy, sweet guy like Aden. I can find myself relating when Sage needs Aden for the quiet. And as I get the vibe, Aden probably needs her to feel cared for where he’s alone all the time and has no friends or family. You can see that with they way he talks and acts. Sage and Aden can relate to each other, both complimenting each other in areas about themselves. Aden can probably relate to Sage through her loneliness and isolation. And Sage can find comfort with Aden because he isn’t a judgmental person like others are. True she does have Larz and Kat, but they aren’t the same when it comes down to it really. Sage and Aden seem like the ideal pair, and they are in making of a great love.
The story’s premise is addictive and mouth watering, as you want to read more. I know I thirst to have my Silence taste every time I finished a chapter. This is definitely a gripping read, full of mystery, paranormal, drama, anguish, sadness, romance, and death. It’s a beautiful story, filled with different ideas that no one has ever even dreamed up! Publishers should be crowding around to yank this baby up and publish it world wide! If they don’t, they are pretty darn stupid! This HAS to be on book shelves one day!
I really enjoyed reading this, and I want more soon, to see where Sage and Aden’s story goes!
With lots of love, your friend and biggest fan, Kristia S.<3<3<3
God Bless<3<3<3"
If you guys haven't already read and picked this baby. Do it NOW! You won't regret it! And by the way, she has it all posted! So no waiting on updates, because it's all there. :)
You guys should help to get "Silence," to the top five before the next three months is up. Because Hannah is going to europe for the summer, and she won't be able to swap or do anything for when she's there. So that would be AWESOME if you guys can help with that, and make my hard working, genius, and good friend Hannah! :)

Read it now--"Silence,"--pssshhh, click here. :-)

With lots of love, Kristia S.<3<3<3
God Bless<3<3<3
1 Peter 4:10<3<3<3


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