Wednesday, April 20, 2011

It's PROMO Time! (Again) For Silence, and it's trailer!

Silence wallpaper, that Hannah sent me. ^_^ Stayed my background for WEEKS.
       However, I'm here to promote (yet, again. Because I love this story.) Silence on inkpop. And to show off the trailer I made for this baby! lol. Which I still twitch every now and then, with the urge to edit it. lol. I do that with my own trailers as well. *shrugs* I'm a stupid perfectionist! lol. ANYWAYS, Hannah is going to europe soon. >_< (gonna kill me with out the constant contact with her. If any at all while she's there.) So, she would REALLY like (me too, and Gwen as well) would like to see her in the top five on inkpop before she goes! lol. She's currently at 15 right now. Can ya'll help a girl out?

Here's the trailer!

And here's the info on Silence!

by shiftermover0308
Book: Adventure, Science Fiction/Fantasy, Romance, Paranormal
    Art speaks volumes.
    Life seems normal until your drawings start talking. And for Sage, that's exactly what happened after her father, a self proclaimed artist, vanished into thin air when she was twelve. The voices hit, bringing pain and torture with them. Dubbed schizophrenic, no one ever knew the voices in her head were actually real. Granted, they were dead, but when drawn on paper they held new life. Too bad Sage could not stand the stories, the screaming; the incessant pounding the souls brought to her head. After four straight years of torment, all she wanted was silence.

When she meets the mysterious Aden at the local art store, Sage’s wish is granted. The souls stay quiet, and she’s amazed at the peace Aden’s presence brings. Then there is an offer. One that may make the voices disappear permanently. And there is no way she could refuse.

The only catch: it will cost her her soul.

Will Sage be willing to pay the price for silence, or will she drown in her own terrifying insanity?

        And PLEASE read it here!!!! Silence on

        With lots of love, Kristia S.<3<3<3
        God Bless<3<3<3
        1 Peter 4:10<3<3<3


  1. That story was awesome. I remember reading it. I'm sharing the trailer on my blog! It's awesome!!

    Haha someday when I finish siren I might ask you to make a trailer! :)

  2. ...okay. First I'll get permission. THEN I'll blog about Silence. :P Now I want to go back and read it again.
    Your promo thread definitely worked!

  3. *promo blog post. I've been on the computer all day, on inkpop, and am dizzy.

    I'll stop spamming your blog now. HUGS!!
    *goes off to hide from Never* <3

  4. HAHA.
    I'm sure Hannah wouldn't mind posting a blog on yours about her book and trailer. lol. You'd probably get more readers by your blog! lol.

    And I would love to make you a trailer someday! :) I enjoy my job of doing that. :D