Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Big Ole' Brainstorm! Spider dreams, and my G.E.D test date!

Hannah Hunt pointed me
in the direction of this book.

      Well I barrowed many books on writing the other day from the library. ^_^ I think I may went over board, honestly. But I barely get to the library. So yeah I got as many as I could carry. No telling whenever I'll get back there. So anyways, I'm reading on "Bird by Bird" by Anne Lamott and "The Longman Writer's Bible", and I've found some pretty good information and methods. Some of these methods and information in each one of these books are a bit contradicting to each other. But *shrugs* I guess whatever works for that certain writer.
      Today I searched for a method about brainstorming and outlining. Where I'm going to be busy with "Soul Purpose" here sometime. I may juggle it and "Invisible Heart." But considering I know more about the guts of Invisible Heart, than Soul Purpose. I'll probably be outlining Soul Purpose more than Invisible Heart.
      Anyways, I have discovered that drawing helps me a little with brainstorming. I don't mean like drawing a scene or anything, I mean stick figures and info boxes beside the named stick figure. :P It's funny what I drew today. However, Soul Purpose got a WHOLE makeover, which will be a secret, because it doesn't reveal until the end of the book. I'll be introducing Willa in the first of the three parts of the book, and Gage in the second part of the book, then of course, the conclusion would be on equal parts of them both. Of course, Gage and Willa are in all parts of the book. I'm just going to switch around the POVs until the second half.
    The plot is coming along smoothly so far! Willa and Gage are going to be adorable! ;D

I HATE these things!
I don't CARE if they're harmless!

        Okay, I just had an IM conversation with my GOOD friend Mariella Hunt, about nightmares. Well I got onto the funny subject of me having the constant occasion of having a spider nightmare. I swear it happens every other two weeks to a month! It NEVER fails. Alright, I have a HUGE phobia of spiders--well not that big when I'm fully awake. I kill them without squeaming or anything. But when I'm asleep I squeal like a frigg'in little kid! I ALWAYS dream about a Grand Daddy Long Leg, crawling on my bed, head, chest, and sometimes feet. So this nightmare makes me hallucinate, when I'm partcially awake in the middle of the night. I swear my eyes are like O_O. I'm squealing and jumping, waking my grandmother up and all of that. She tells me to calm down and that I'm dreaming. But NO, I swear up and down that there is a spider in my bed. Then later on, I feel like a TOTAL DUFUS for it all! HAHA.
    I just had to share that. Now I'll probably do it tonight, for crying out loud!
    Got a announcement pertaining to my education! I passed my G.E.D Pre-Test last week! Well the math part anyways, the one I had to retake. So now I can move on and take a whack at the official exam on May 16th-17th! And the 17th is my birthday! Nice way to spend it, huh? Ehhh I think not. But maybe God's birthday present to me will be me passing the darn toot'in thing! :P *prays to the Lord* I'm VERY nervous. No matter what they say about how I got through the worst part of it. I don't BELIEVE them! >_<

   Nevertheless, goodnight bloggers!
   With lots of love, Kristia S.<3<3<3
   God Bless<3<3<3
   1 Peter 4:10 <3<3<3