Monday, January 17, 2011

Word count limits in books. What's your thoughts on it?

I have been recieving SO MANY mixed signals about word count limits for books. I'm so freaking confused, and the stupidness of it all, there's no direct answer to what a word count should be for a YA fantasy/romance novel, or two part series/novel. ERGH! I've heard nothing over 100k, 80k, 50k, AND NOW 120k. Oh my Bajebus! Will anyone make up their freaking minds?! So I can ACTUALLY start scoping out a stop limit for my books?! I wish people will give me a feaking straight answer!
I've even looked on writer's digest, and they give soooooo many word counts limits (on the same subject) that it's not even funny! Some even say it's changing that it's getting longer! AHH! Give me a straight answer!

Well anyways on my bigger projects I'm giving myself a 120k limit, and on my smaller one shot projects 80k-100k. It just depends on how much I want to tell.

So what is your guy's thoughts of word count limitations??

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  1. Lets see here!

    Adult Novels (not including fantasy and sci-fi,those are generally longer than most books):
    80,000 - 89,999: Totally cool
    90,000 - 99,999: Generally safe
    70,000 - 79,999: Might be too short; probably all right
    100,000 - 109,999: Might be too long; probably all right
    Below 70,000: Too short
    110,000 or above Too long

    Anywhere from 100k-120k is a great range. There are those however who go up into the 200,000's.
    (i.e Way of Kings is 387k, The Fellowship of the Ring is 177k, The Deathly Hallows (Harry Potter) is roughly 198k)

    Middle Grade:
    Anywhere from 20k-40k. You don't want these to be to long because you're catering to tweens and pre-teens.

    55k-70k. The exception is if your book is an epic. Depending on the themes, (using Time With Seleste as an example) it might be considered an adult novel. But it might not, it all depends on the themes of the book ultimately. But publishers often go by WC.

  2. ANYWAY: I prefer to have a word count goal for myself, or else I'll continually write until I have like 500,00 words. xD

  3. Oh yeah Time with Seleste is going to be an epic, because it involves a lot of telling on ancient characters linked to Seleste. And also it bounces a lot between Seleste and Darien, with getting to know them almost inside and out and see their struggles with each other.
    And I aim for TWS is to be for YA audience, considering most of my characters are still in high school. Their ages ranges between 11-19. Darien has a nineteenth birthday in the end of the first book, but that's still in YA age range. And my books always lack the adult appeal considering I don't do too much cussing or any sexual scenes. So it's a definite YA.

    I'm thinking it'll be alright for Time With Seleste to be a little bit longer, because I am splitting it up into two books. And I have read books that relate to it, and the word counts on them are 130k. So I guess I'll stick to what I am doing right now. I feel that it's right. And I might write up a companion book after it, concerning the backstory and how it all came to be. For example Seleste's mother's horiffic story behind finding love then getting stabbed in the the back because of that love. But that's still a experimental idea.

    ANYWHO, I don't think I'm going to worry too much, considering I'm not even done with the first draft, the second might be shorter than the first. So 120k it will stay, considering I have read YA that was 130k. XD

    Thanks sooooo much for the WC chart! I'm definitely keeping it in mind!

  4. Ahh, well I think it could definatly be YA!

    PS: TEAM SIMON! Jace is just a pretty boy with tattoo's and a sword. ;) Simon is a hot nerd.

  5. Ahhhh!!
    I AIN'T getting into details about my team picking. LOL. I don't like the whole "He's better." "Oh no he's better." LOL. It isn't pretty when I get into it. lol.
    I'm a sucker for Jace, the whole pretty jerk boy is a major turn on for me, especially when he acts like a total different person when he's just around Clary. *shrugs*
    I would like Simon, BUT he reminds me of my ex boyfriend too much. :/ I mean he acts EXACTLY like him, soooo I don't care too much for that character because of his personality. :/
    BUT I LOVE all the elements in TMI. So yeahhhh...LOL.

  6. Hee, I'm a sucker for hot nerds who are good archers. :D
    Well, each to her own!