Saturday, January 8, 2011

New book information up under two NEW tabs. "Bounded" and "Making Matches."

This one right here is my newest plot I'm thinking on writing. It'll be called "Bounded."
Here's the information, that you can also find under it's own tab.

Book: Science Fiction/Fantasy, Romance, Horror

Tagline: “There are still Angels among us. They are called the Confined Guardians of earth. And where there are Angels, there are Demons too.”

Gwen Thomas, a typical Christian, church going, good girl. Loves her youth group, family, and friends very deeply. But when a dispute breaks out among the teens one night, everything changed…
Layton St. James is the only person to calm the storm, and keep it calm as long as he was around. Gwen is immediately drawn to him, and soon they become good friends…and a little more.
Gwen’s youth group isn’t the only ones in a violent rage against each other. The whole world wide religious views are too. Every time any type of religion gathering is gathered a confliction is faced, either arguing, or something far more worse—deaths.
The Rapture is rumored because of this arousal, and the assumption isn’t far off.
Demons are taking over the righteous as a preparation to their Lord. Throwing everything off balance. The earth bound Angels have to step in and stop them.
Layton is one of the Confined, and Gwen is just as much apart of it as he and the rest of the Confined Guardians are. And he doesn’t want Gwen to be.
Gwen’s destiny is to stop the Demons.
No matter the outcome on her behalf.

This one isn't so new and I have mention it before, but I have been writing little by little on it. I've only got four chapters written, and most of the plot thought out. But this one is a back burner project. Here's the information which you can also find under it's own tab.
Book: General Fiction, Romance, Humor.

Tagline: “A teenaged niece, will play a match maker for her three hott single uncles—Let the love game begin!”

When Danielle and her little brother are orphaned. Their three very handsome and single uncles will step up to the plate of being their legal guardians.
The three will bring laughter, love and completion to Danielle’s home once again. And perhaps little bit of comedy with the three trying to change a one-year-old ornery boy, who likes to urinate on people for a chuckle.
Meanwhile, Danielle wallows in misery of losing her parents— however, until Danielle’s uncles’ pressures her to socialize with local teens in their new town.
Big no-no, she’s not happy about that!
Determined to get her uncles’ off her back and out of her business. She begins her little match making game to find them soul mates, and to keep them busy.
But Danielle’s social life suddenly becomes a little bit flirty when she meets a local boy—Bryson Jacobson. Danielle then thinks a social life might not be so bad… Then things get more complicated than she aimed for.
Will Danielle find her uncle’s soul mates?
Or will the uncles turn her little game right back on her?
Most importantly, will her uncle’s learn to properly change a diaper and manage to not get peed on?

Jus thought I'd let you guys know! Man I've got a lot of projects on my agenda!

With lots of love, Kristia S.<3<3<3
God Bless<3<3<3
1 Peter 4:10

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