Sunday, January 16, 2011

Just started writing "Bounded" today. XD Me excited!

Here's a quote for you guys.

Scarlett hated how she hungered for a fight. A total all out fist punching bone and flesh fight, not an argument or dispute with words. Even thought it did go good to begin the action she wanted. Anyways, it disgusted Scarlett at how much her knuckles ached every time her anger would flare.
It's not much, but that's the whole point right now. lol. I just wanted to post a little bit of the first opening paragraph. ;) Hope it's attenion catcher!

Oh yeahh if you guys are wondering who her boo (well one of her boos) looks like. Try taking a gander at Drew Roy. I see him as Layton St. James. XD Such a lovely boy. lol. Even thought I hate that his lips has touched 'Miley Cyrus' on Hannah Montana. Eck, I just don't like that girl. But he's pretty close to how I picture Layton. Scarlett has the hotts for this guy because well for one he's gorgeous, for two he brings out her good qualties, for three he accepts her even when she's branded as a freak, for four he's pretty much her only close friend, and he makes her feel all tingly when he touches or says sweet things to her. 
ANYWAYS, isn't he pretty?
Pretty enough to be a earth bounded Angel?

And for her 'other' lover interest Corbin (haven't thought up a last name yet.), I see Avan Jogia. He's going to be a A class jerk- well I plan on it anyways, but he'll have his attractive qualities that has you second guessing on who Scarlett should go for. Which I am not going to tell! It's a ify situation and some people may hate me afterward. lol. Well the reason Scarlett is attracted to him, is because she is drawn to him on her mischievious side that likes trouble.
So yeah is he handsome enough to be the potential bad a** demon love interest? 

So YEah I felt like blogging about an excerpt and showing off the yummy boys. lol. Sooo yeah I'm off to go feed my doggies!

With lots of love, Kristia S.<3<3<3
God Bless<3<3<3
1 Peter 4:10<3<3<3

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