Saturday, January 15, 2011

The EVIL Inkpop pink arrow disease. (Read for explanation, symptoms, and cures in post.)

Okay...for the people that aren't inkpoppers but are following my bloggie. I'll explain this DEADLY disease to ya'll.

There's this deadly fatal plague trampling across inkpop, is called "The Pink Arrow Syndrome."  And many inkpoppers cringe at hearing of such, and wants to grab their projects to the chest for protection of such a disease. The proud parents are afraid for their project's increasing rank towards the top five. Which the top five is a major important stepping stone in growth for their precious projects. But this disease befalls on every author multiple of times in their inkpop writing life.
This disease occurs when a writing project endures the blow of not recieving any liking or loving within two or three days on If no picks are made on this specific project, its pretty green 'up' arrow will transform into a bland pink 'down' arrow, resolvong the project's rank on inkpop to decrease in value, and into the forgotten.
The only way to cure this disease is to pick this lonely, unloved, and forgotten project, then watch the pretty green 'up' arrow appear again! And to make the mother, or father of this project happy and motivated to update, is to leave an helpful and encouraging message in a comment below the project. Then the disease will dissappear for a while!
Well this short explanation above is my problem right now. On every project I have on I'm very sad because of my newest baby on there "Invisible Heart." with only being on there for a week is suffering the disease. :/ I-H is crying right now, along with "Time With Seleste-Destiny." But unfortunately, "Time With Seleste-Destiny." has grown acustom to the disease, where she's been plagued by it for most of her life on inkpop. :/

I'm posting this blog in hopes of quirking your interest of reading, commenting, and picking my lonely sick projects. :) So what do you think?
Pick? Or not to pick?
That is the question!

Rank: 239
  Time With Seleste-Destiny (Click here) 

Rank: 789
 Invisible Heart (Click here)

Here's my inkie bestie Hannah's projects that needs some love as well!

Rank: 397
 Silence (Click here)

Rank: 106
 Runner (Click here)

Well later!

With lots of love, Kristia S.<3<3<3
God Bless<3<3<3
1 Peter 4:10<3<3<3

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