Tuesday, October 26, 2010

"Mystic Academy." by Adish on inkpop.com. My comment!

Current Cover Art on inkpop.com
"Mystic Academy."
By Adish.
 I have stumbled upon an awesome reading discovery! Through doing a promo thread on inkpop.com for my friend Hannah's "Resistance." I'm currently doing some volunteering swaps for her, to keep her rank up, so she'll be in the top five in the next round. :D
I agreed to swap with the first three people who replied to my thread. And Adish is first up! I got sucked into it's black hole of Mytics! lol. Very detailed work that gives you vivid imagery and feel. It has unique names and a out of this world plot. A promising read that'll make it big someday! I forsee it!! This project needs more attention brought to it!!

Here's the info.

Mystic Academy - The Infinite ...

by Adish
Book: Adventure, Mystery, Science Fiction/Fantasy

Four thousand years into a war-torn future, mankind forges its existence in space, locked in an epic battle for survival against the malicious, alien Destroyers.

Thousands of years into the future, humanity is brutally opposed by the merciless alien race, the Destroyers. But, with Earth left a barren wasteland after Judgment Day, the only hope for the galaxy seems to be the magically gifted Mystics.

Now, Mystics are hunted and relentlessly forced to join the Ranker program, an elite military brigade whose sole purpose is Destroyer termination. With their population dwindling, more and more Mystics cower in fear, hiding and trying to preserve the last of their once proud race. But, nevertheless, all Mystics are damned to Mystic Academy, no ifs, ands, or buts about it.

Treachery. Exploitation. Abuse. Experimentation. Death.

These are the obstacles placed before the students of Mystic Academy. This is their inescapable fate. This is their everyday life.

And now, the Mystic Dean Stark soon discovers he’s not the only one loathing his race's way of life either. Transferring and quickly becoming involved with the anti-Ranker organization, Phantom, hidden deep within the school, Dean discovers a whole other side to his people. A horrible, yet extraordinary side even he’s tempted to join.

Click here to read "Mystic Academy."

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