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Falling For History-A Short Story that may begin a series of history romances.

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Cover model: Hilary Duff as Bree.

This short-story has been getting a good bit of attention in it's few days of being submitted to inkpop. I'm approaching this as a short story, but it just may turn into a novella or Falling For History novel collections. I have some more in mind to write after this one. But I will not be too serious about these tales, or have the desire to get them published. These tales are mainly for fun to write. :D But, you never know it might turn into something serious later on. However, I wanted to start posting something on inkpop to quench the thirst of my readers. Where I have decided to only post the first fifty pages of my books I desire to publish one day. I'm taking MAJOR precautions in doing so.
So "Falling For History." is a pretty fast progressed short story I am writing as of now. It's based in Egypt and it's a romance. I strictly write romance so for you guys to know. :D If you're wondering.
I have always loved egypt ever since I had a pathetic obsession with the anime Yu-Gi-Oh from the ages 12-14, it was based on a egyptian Pharaoh named Atim who was the alternate personality of Yugi. ANYWAYS, off the embarrassing subject of my pitiful obsession with anime back in the day! LOL. So from then to now it's quirked an interest for Egypt with me. I've always wanted to write a story based in Egypt! Also Prince of Persia and a egytpian documentary the other day also helped to inspire it too. :D
Thus "Falling For History." is born! And it's ranks is climbing--WELL.

Here's the info and links.

Falling For History

by oXKris-Tee-AuhXo  <- you can click to go to my profile on inkpop here.
          Short Story: Adventure, Historical Fiction, Romance, Science Fiction/Fantasy
"Bree never thought she would fall for the history of Egypt. Especially, when she discovers she fell for an ancient Egyptian Prince named Chisisi."
  Bree Cuttingham went to Cairo Egypt on a gradational school field trip with her class. She runs upon a tablet about a unknown Prince that disappeared when he was nineteen— that strikes an interest in her, especially when she sees a necklace found alongside the tablet, a necklace identical to her own.

After befriending a tour guide/taxi driver Shadi. She is taken to her hotel. But when she receives a text message from her grandmother saying, “Get out of there, Bree. Come home. That tablet is nothing but trouble.”

The street she stood on begins to shake then opens up underneath her, swallowing her up into the darkness.
Bree wakes up in the middle of the desert—mark that—a different time. Where she meets and falls desperately in love with an ancient Egyptian Prince named Chisisi.

Torn between staying with her true love in the ancient times and finding someway to get back to her own time 2010 where her family and friends live.

What will she choose?

But more importantly, will she be able to get back home?

Bree’s time traveling adventure will determine who is her one and only soul mate.

Click HERE! To go read "Falling For History."

Just thought I'd let you guy's know!!

With lots of love, Kristia S.<3<3<3
God Bless<3<3<3
1 Peter 4:10

P.S Picture Hilary Duff as Bree, she's who I picture as her. XD

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