Friday, November 26, 2010

"Time With Seleste-Destiny."

First Book-"Time With Seleste-Destiny."

97000 / 150000 words. 65% done!

Book: Romance, Science Fiction/Fantasy, Adventure, Mystery
“If you had an ability to control time-- Could you take a life-threatening chance to stop something from happening? Even for a --loved one?”

She was his future, and he was her past…
Their times and destinies unraveled and become one, when they meet one fateful night. All realities are at the stake because of it…

Seleste is hunted for her ability, a power that is one with time itself.
Her legacy resides to change fates, and she is marked by death itself because of it.
She will risk everything, for a chance to save a loved one from an ending fate.

The future even more unclear, Seleste and her friend’s destinies draw closer with every second of the celestial clock.
With a battle on the horizon, that’ll determine the fate of an early apocalypse. They have to win it no matter what; if they don’t everything will be doomed…

Time is running out for Seleste…and perhaps for the world too.

Will you follow Seleste through her journey of time, companionship, true love and death?

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