Saturday, October 9, 2010

Sweet, sweet randomness, updates, books, vents and oh yeah I MIGHT BE MEETING NICHOLAS SPARKS!!!!!!

Mood: Excited, hyper, tired, happy, nervous and sorta ticked.
(Is it possible to have all those emotions at once?)
What I'm doing: Watching "The Golden Girls." blogging and checking email.
What I'm listening to: "Behind The Scenes." by Francesca Batistelli
(Yes, I multi-task like there's no tomorrow. Which includes listening to music, writing, and watching "The Golden Girls.")
What I am reading: Just got done reading six chapters of "The Last Song."

Oooookay. Woke up this morning from a nightmare (I've been nightmares like crazy lately. Eck.) This nightmare is still haunting me now, it was about my dog "Bow" going mad. That broke my heart, he's my baby.
Anyways, I called dibs on my Mom eariler this week before my sister Angie nabbed her to take her somewhere and be gone all weekend. I called dibs for her taking to my all time favorite stores. "Books A Million." and Wal-Mart. :D Yes, I'm aware that I'm a nerd. lol.
Well, I wanted to get me my first Nicholas Sparks book. I know I'm stupid to never read any of his genius works. However, I got "The Last Song." I loved the movie and balled my eyes out! So I thought I'd read the book and get the full perspective about it.

"The Last Song."
By Nicholas Sparks
Miley Cyrus SOOO does not fit Ronnie at all. I dislike Miley, I don't hate her exactly. I dislike the way she contradicts herself all the time. Have you guys seen her latest music video??? COME ON! She's suppose to be a Christian! Her panties? Grinding her dance director? She's not even out of Hannah Montana's contract yet! Sheesh! We'll be seeing Hannah Montaner little girl running around with booty panties around on the school grounds after she gets done! Eck. At least Hilary Duff had the decency to wait until she was like twenty before she started to turn skanky in clothing. I still like Hilary though, for some odd reason...
ANYWAYS! Got off subject there.
I go to check out and the girl asks if I got memberships card. I said "Yup, right here." me being a loser with being excited to use my silver card with the power of 20% discount.
Then I get "Sorry. Your membership expired last month."
This was my mouth. "O" One jaw dropping moment for me. I could have SWORN I just paid twenty dollars membership a few months ago! Now it's expired!
"Seriously?" I asked the girl.
She nods, "It won't be the full twenty dollars to renew it..." she assumes I'm going to renew it today, "It'll only be seventeen."
I wasn't planning on spending the whole fifty dollars my Mawmaw gave me today to buy a darn forsaken book and some groceries we missed getting the last time we were out. NO telling how much a speck of groceries costs these days and time. *rolls eyes* And I WAS NOT going to pay for another membership I wasn't going to get the full worth out of for another year! I'll tell you this as God as my witness. I only used that card probably twice or maybe three times at the most in this whole year! I barely get the chance to go to Books A Million. I usually find the books I read at Wal-Mart. So no WAY I was going to pay almost twenty dollars AGAIN only to no get it's full worth yet AGAIN.
"I don't have enough money on me today, sorry." I say looking in my wallet, "I need to get some groceries."
"Okay, but you will still get the ten percent discount today though." she says punching in the numbers, "You know who's coming to Civic Center next week right?" she looks at the back of The Last Song and smiles.
"YUP! That's the reason I got this book."
Yes, you heard right I'm going to meet the Nicholas Sparks!
"I took off the whole weekend for it!" the girl smiles.

Well I am SO EXCITED! Nicholas Sparks is like one of the most beloved authors and his accomplishments in being a sucessful author. I look up to him well in his achievements. But honestly, I've never read any of his books. I have seen the movies made out of them though, and adored them! The Notebook, A Walk To Remember and The Last Song. I am ashamed of myself that I have never picked up any of his books and read them. But now I am!
It would have been embarassing to say I love his books and he ends up asking what was my favorite part of "The Last Song." and I would be like "ehhh." I'd be ASHAMED!
Now I have a week to read it. lol.

Well I have an update on my novels!
Time With Seleste has a parcial proper smooth ending I have planned out. Chapter twenty five is almost done and I'll post it soon. Oh yeah I've edited my trailer to it too!
3 Divide Into Love is going through a title change. It may remain "Danielle's Diary of Match Making." I have currently four chapters written. My prologue has been beta read twice by two different AWESOME people. I'm not going to post it on inkpop until its well over 20,000 words and has been beta read throughly. So as of now, two people are the only ones that have seen any of it. 

Well thought I'd blog tonight. I haven't in a while. I seemingly, can't get into the habit of it. :/

Night all!

With lots of love, Kristia S.<3<3<3
God Bless<3<3<3

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