Tuesday, January 3, 2012

This is where a squeal over a kid's disney movie! ^_^

Okay, you guys know about the Repunzel remake movie--Tangled, right? I'm IN LOVE with that movie! Zachary Levi's voice is such a *chills* as Flynn Rider. :D And who would love Maximus and Paskal? I LOVE IT LOVE IT! I have been obsessed with it ever since I babysat my friends Sarah and Andrew's little girl Nora. <3 She had me pop it in my computer and watch it with her, and ever since then, I've been head over heels for it. I LOVE Flynn!
So, anyways, I just found out tonight that there will be a short sequel to it! It's called "Tangled Ever After". So, my suspicions on it is. It's the big wedding day, and somehow the rings get stolen--hint the villian with the eyepatch. lol. Paskal and Maximus--probably Flynn aka Eugene too, will have to go get them back, before Repunzel tears Eugene a new one. LOL. I'm so freaking excited for this! I want it now, not Spring! And I hope it's longer than five minutes! And nothing like how they do the Cars shorts and Tinkerbell shorts! I want a MOVIE!
Yeah, I know they're probably testing the waters, to see if the following is still big enough for another movie to come to the big screen. I hope it is! I want another movie! It's too cute for there to not be another movie!

Well, off to watch Tangled yet again. ^_^ I can't get enough of that movie!


God Bless!

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