Wednesday, January 18, 2012

New book idea. ^_^ They keep coming. "Vanity Kills"

I keep coming up with new book ideas! It's usually around this time each month that I get a new idea. It's like clockwork for me. :) To my notice girls do practically kill themselves over their looks--I, for one, sometimes, but not too intensly though. I'm pretty much meaning the ones who become anorexic to stay skinny or get plastic surgery constantly.
Well anyways, this book plot will relate to those issues in a magical way. This plot just came to me like a flash. Here's the pitch and book cover.
Vanity Kills

“What you may see, might be killing you…”

I, Deidre Hark, never cared for my appearance, like the social lions at my school. They are the cheerleaders, the preps, and just the very cliché high school dimwitted girls, whose very existence is their appearances. Yeah, those types, they trample me in the hallways on any day of my high school life.
Anyways, I throw on my natural face, brush my hair once through, and dress in whatever cloths I can grab.
Okay, well, I do smell my pits to make sure I don’t stink, I’m not a total boy, you know.
One day it all started to change, when I walked into an antique shop to avoid the socialites.
I ran into this mirror and it shattered. An old woman came out screaming at me.
When I started to gather the mirror pieces, I cut myself on one.
Then my mirrored image alters, changing me into this cute,
pretty, and possibly sexy girl.
Vanity is one of the deadly sins. Well, it isn’t exactly stated as one,
but pride is one.
Vanity is an inflated pride in oneself or one's appearance.
I didn’t understand the concept of pride until I was plummeted into a black abyss, literally.

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