Monday, January 9, 2012


Amy Daniels
I have one week left of break, I go back to school next Tuesday. I'm challenging myself to get the rest of my NaNo done this week. I don't have much to go, but my ending keeps changing on me! I can't decide! Well, anyways, this is a tense scene I just wrote, and it's told in Amy's perspective.

  Just as she rounds the corner, the almost impossible happens, he’s up and tackles her to the floor. His full weight slamming down on her back, his hand in her hair, bashing her face onto the floor. Amy slams her head back, colliding with her target. Reaching back, she grabs the knife in his leg and twists it, It makes it yell out in pain and roll over onto his side. Soon as he’s off her she runs down the hall, towards the basement door.
She grabs the door and throws her self onto the stairs, her feet faster than her heart beats. Even through the darkness, she finds her way to the cracked window. She climbs the crates to the window and takes her elbow and smashes the glass. Amy feels the glass cutting into her flesh, but she doesn’t care. She lifts her torso up into the small window.

Her hips almost through the window, she feels hands grabbing onto her ankles. Amy kicks and kicks, hitting the assailant in the face twice, before he gives her ankles a one big jerk, bringing her back into the basement.

“Somebody, help me!” Amy screams as loud as she can, before she’s pulled back into the darkness, where her death lies waiting for sure.

Amy’s back is slammed onto the stairs, the steps biting into her back and skull. Her vision dazing and breath knocked from her lungs. She never seizes her thrashing, kicks, and fighting, she was not going down without a fight. He moving in on her faster now, punching Amy in the face, and slamming her onto the steps.

In one quick glance, the moonlight from the window at the top of the stairs and across from the basement door. She sees his face once more, but his face is different, because he’s a different man. Someone she is even more shocked to see, could never even believe it could be him.

With lots of love, God Bless

1 Peter 4:10

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