Thursday, June 9, 2011

My opinions of Jace Wayland casting.

Jamie Campbell-Bower
Jace Wayland
(A photo manip I made)
    I'm going to be truthful about the casting of Jace Wayland in the movie adaption of Cassandra Clare's "City of Bones".
   I was NEVER Team Jamie for Jace, before. And I wasn't when he was casted either, sadly. I thought it was a HUGE dissapointment, with this guy who looks whimpy, that doesn't have much of a nice smile, looks a tad bit too sweet to be a hott jerk, and well he just didn't have the look of Jace. So I sulked for awhile about him being casted.
   BUT, however, I started to look through pictures of Jamie and I read Cassie's reaction and thoughts on him playing Jace. I started to slowly changing my mind about Jamie as Jace. I started to remember his acting abilities when I seen Sweeny Todd. Surprisingly, to my memory, at that time I thought he would be a good Jace canidate at the time of Sweeny Todd's release. o__O Weird, huh?
   Well, he can act, and he is cute. And then I realize I'm converted to Team Jamie as Jace! Especially, after reading Cassie's thoughts on how that he and Lily are her Jace and Clary on screen!
   I started to think, "Why do I have the right to get upset  about it, anyways?" It's not my book or characters. They're Cassie's. And if she isn't upset, why would I have the nerve to be upset? It's her book coming to life! She ain't upset about him playing Jace! She's estatic! And if she's estatic, I think I should be too!
   Did I fail to mention that I like playing around with his pictures? To make them look like Jace? Each time I do this it makes me LOVE Jamie as Jace even more.

   So I'm 100% supportive of Jamie now! I know he'll so GREAT!! I can't wait to see who else they cast!

With lots of love, Kristia S.<3<3<3
God Bless<3<3<3

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