Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Got night-time creativities?

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     I just got to thinking about night time creativities, around my second cup of coffee (not really, I just wanted to mention coffee somewhere in here, because of my awesome picture :P). And I've noticed there's a lot of that going around. It was even pointed out in this week's "Sanctuary" on SyFy. Amanda Tapping was an painter in this alternate reality dream, it was weird. Anyways, she was an artist and it was pointed out that she only painted of the night. Someone asked why, and then answered that it was probably her time of creativity, like most artists. My mom chuckled and looked at me when that was said. I looked at her and said "What?" She didn't say much, but I knew what she was thinking. lol.

   However, night time is my time of creativity. It doesn't matter what way of my expressing myself is, it could be writing, videograpy, and even fiddling around with photos. I lose so much sleep due to this, and I can't help it. >_< People call me a vampire. lol. Hey, I could pass of as one, with how pale I am. :) I'll go pop in some golden contacts (that I actually have) and I'll just go along with it! Maybe I'll find me a Edward Cullen that way! ^_^ Nah, I have to be a not so stand outtish girl, that really likes to whine. (Yes, I've gotten to where I don't like Bella that much. I only LOVE the other characters, now. I blame Kristen Stew, for turning me against her. :P I don't care for that girl too much in reality!)

   Tonight, I stayed up all night doing a secret project, that is which, making my eyes go cross in the process. It's that much of an eye strain! But I LOVE this crap! I REALLY do! I just love seeing my finished product afterwards, which makes me feel all tingling inside, knowing that I MADE it myself.

   Man, oh, man, I've gotten into a lot of artistic expressions, lately. I like ANYTHING I can create something with. Writing, videography, photography, music mixing, scrapbooking, and sometimes drawing. I think I can just get about into anything that I can make something with. No one really has to show me how to do anything, I learn by experience, and sometimes I hear, I do it better than ones' that have been trained in that line of art. I'm not bragging about that, either. I honestly think it's just the programming, it don't really take much to learn how to operate a program to make something with it. And also, I devote a lot of time into making something, until it's perfect. (I'm one of those dag'gone perfectionist, that might potentially go INSANE from trying to perfect something.)

   As I was saying, do you guys have the case of night-time creativity?
  What time of the night, do you get really struck by creativity? (I get it around 2 A.M.)
  How long do you usually stay up? (I stay up all night, usually.)
  Do you even do this when you need to be somewhere early in the morning? (Yup, even when I had school.)
  Say so in my comments! I enjoy hearing your responses! And plus, I haven't had a comment in AGES, so I'm kind of lonely over here. lol.

  Well, happy creativity!

  With lots of love, Kristia S.<3<3<3

  God Bless<3<3<3
  1 Peter 4:10<3<3<3

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