Saturday, June 11, 2011

Among my other talents, I'm also a Videographer. Who would've thunk it?! Check it!

   This is a video I made and starred in last year, for a Christian talent show called B.L.A.S.T (Building Leaders and Sharing Talents), in Mount Vernon Ohio.
   Like writing, I have to plot out a video like a book. So the plot of this video is about a girl who is suffering some kind of stuggle in her life. She feels alone and thinks she's not worthy of living anymore. She resolves herself to cutting and drinking. The shower drowns out her cries and it symbolizes the trials and struggles she's facing. I honestly designed this character for anyone to relate and mold their selves into her. She the very symbolisim of struggle in life.
   As the video goes on, the girl slowly realizes that Jesus is the only way out of her struggle, or at least to make it more comfortable. By reading the Bible, she realizes that her troubles aren't even compared to what Jesus had went through on the cross on calvary. The pain and torture he went through, for us, the sinners, who are unworthy of what he had done for us. If he went through such a horrid death, why couldn't she take the little crappy things in life if hers? It all knocks things into perspective for her, and makes her have sense of things once again.
   I would like to think that this girl thought "What am I to throw this life away? That he gave his life up for? For me to have it and live it?"
   From what I have heard, my video has changed lives. Made peoples' eyes open and realize things. My Church, family, and friends, are proud of my work, and constantly praises it. I honestly never seen much in it as I was making it. I was only doing it for fun, because I love messing around with videos and acting. But when I stumbled into this realization, face first, it was shocking. And me discovering this, it makes me wonder of God wants me to travel many paths of professions in my life.
   I already want to become a english teacher, to teach teens and inspire them, for which most of my teachers failed to inspire me. I want to change teenagers' lives by what I do and influence them to be who they are and be a good person. And then, of course, I want to write my heart's desire of fantasy and romance, which I would like to inspire teens (or adults) through my stories as well. Also, now, I would like to pursue a videography career too. Yet again, inspire and have a good influence on teens everywhere through my videos. I just want to be an inspriation to teens all over, in anyway, shape or form. And I would enjoy what I  am doing that inspires in the long run. It's a win win thing for me.
   But, I just don't know what I am destined for exactly. I guess I'll never will, if I don't try and dabble into all three of them. ^_^

   Well, I hope you enjoy the video! I know I did in making it! Spread the word please!
   With lots of love, Kristia S.<3<3<3
    God Bless<3<3<3
    1 Peter 4:10<3<3<3

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