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Alrighty, guys. I PASSED my GED test! And I had my very own graduation last week on Friday. ^_^ I BARELY remember being up on the stage, considering I was so friggin' nervous. (haha)

Me shaking hands of guest speakers and the principal (who was the principal when I was in ACTUAL school).
Don't I look pretty -BIG- in my gown? lol
 Anyways, I passed with these scores. ^_^ The scoring has to be above 410 on each subject.
 Language Arts, Writing --460 (You try to write an essay in 45 minutes! It's hard! And plus a rough draft!)
Social Studies --510
Science--500 (They say I'm a natural at science. *shrugs* I've never paid attention to that crap)
Language Arts-Reading--610 (^_^)
Mathematics--440 (Just BARELY made it)

Over all score (lowest possible to pass is 2225)---2520

I can't believe it! I finally passed! Now I can go to college!

   Ya know? I still can't help but still feel crappy about getting out of school, though. :/ I feel like people are scruntinzing me over me having a GED, because they probably label it as the "lazy" way of learning. It isn't I don't think. I HAD to put four years of school into four months then take a life changing test, at the last minute before the year is up. I know I shouldn't care what people think, but it still bothers me some. Eck.
    But anyways, I met some amazing teachers that has inspired me more to get into teaching myself. Miss Carole, Miss Patti, and Miss Mary Lou. They are the BEST! They've supported and encourged me all the way! I was so blessed to meet them, and I am glad that I chose this path, so I could meet these amazing women.
   I really believe I passed this test by the will of God. I prayed so hard the night before that it was, wow. When I was taking the test, I looked down at the paper, and I was like "Uh-Oh". My mind went blank. 0__o But I could feel Someone there watching and comforting me as I took it. I had asked Jesus to be beside me that day, and I feel that He was. I felt comforted and felt like I should give it my best. I did, by giving educated guesses on certain things I wasn't for sure on. And I did find some things that did make sense, surprisingly. The reading test was a breeze, I felt like those questions were made for complete idiots, where they were so easy. But I guess for all the reading I've done in the past years, paid off. :) The math was horrible! I don't even want to even talk about it. lol. All the others fell into place and I did my best.
    But I felt like I failed, as soon as I left that room. I wanted to cry where I felt defeated. Because, if I failed even ONE part of that test, I was done, I was through. I would have to retake it again, and I'm only allowed to take the official test three times a year. 0__o
   However, I did PASS! I really do believe it was the will of God! *shakes head in wonderment*

   Well, onto the next blog!

With lots of love, Kristia S.<3<3<3
God Bless<3<3<3

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