Thursday, March 10, 2011

Welcome to the S.E.C. (Official tab, title, pitch, tagline, and BOOK COVER! "Soul Purpose")

 Welcome to the S.E.C.
A place where perfection is programmed and kept. Order is of utmost importance in our world, the society will be maintained and controled. Any imperfections in our systems will be dealt with, as apromise to the Originals that made our perfect world.

I'm absolutely proud of this book cover!

 Tagline: “Do clones have souls like the successful Originals?—Do I have a soul? What if I don’t? Does that make me a monster?”
Book: Science fiction/Fantasy, Adventure, Romance
SEC-517—Willa Genway is one of the first to be granted her freedom after sixteen years of controlled captivity. But freedom isn’t what she thought it would be, especially when she’s forced to become someone she doesn’t want to be, or even know. And if she disobeys, her memory will either be wiped, or most likely…terminated.
Willa, among others, is an easy replaced clone, whose sole purpose is to someday take over the dominate corporation after their original counterpart. The replacement system, is important, because of the previous generation’s success in society is considered far too valuable to lose due to human death.
Faced with new information, which concerns Willa’s true self, her mind reeling with confusion and worry, the question haunting her wake—“Do clones have souls?”
She finds herself running away and on a search for the truth and possibly to live her own life. Through her journey, she befriends Gage, a mute boy, who she feels that she can be herself around, and actually care for.
Then war breaks out…
Originals against Originals, clones verse clones, and the Originals against clones, an impossible battle on all sides.
Willa and Gage are stuck in the middle…
I'm excited for this book you guys! It's something different, and I have been wanting to do a future dystopia type deal novel, for a long time now. And I just haven't had a good idea, until now. :) I LOVE it, it makes me super excited to start writing it!
I have a good preface thought to start out with.
"We have been taught to never question, ever,"
"Why is it, that I'm--finding myself questioning everything?"
EKKK! I'm so excited!!!
Well off to do something else!
With lots of love, Kristia S.<3<3<3
God Bless<3<3<3
1 Peter 4:10

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