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"Sunlight." by wildgreenskittle aka Gwen on GREAT READ!

by wildgreenskittle
 Okay I have found yet another obsess worthy book on inkpop! Guess who it's by?
No other than the genius wildgreenskittle aka Gwen (newg). This is the second of my faves coming from her! She blew me away with "Steel Horizon." which was a top pick in November!
Anyways this is a companion novel to "Steel Horizon." when I found out, I got stoked! Cause my love for Steel Horizon reaches high, so of course I got grasped onto for this read!
But I'm going to be honest, this has been sitting in my watch list for a while. I've been lazy about reading projects on inkpop lately. :/ I've been pretty busy writing on "Invisible Heart." So now I'm ashamed that I didn't read it sooner! GAHH!!! *cries*
ANYWAYS, I think you my followers should definitely check out this genius book! You won't regret it!

My official comment on below.


wrote 1 hour ago [edit comment]
You know what?

I absolutely adore this! The whole main plot of this is awesome!

BUT, my only thing I’m concerned about is…your main characters ages. :/ If you are aiming for this to be a YA novel, you’ll have to keep them in the teen range. I’ve had this complaint on my own stuff before, and publishers will point that out sooner or later. IF you are aiming for this to be a YA. So if I were you, I would consider either taking the ages down to nineteen or eighteen to keep in that range, so publishers won’t gripe about it. But if you’re not planning on this as being a YA. You’re PERFECT!
Anyways, that was my only concern that MIGHT need improving.

I love how you make the relationship between West and Reese so natural and cute. You make it so addictive to feel what they feel, and it draws a reader into the story even more. I can feel Reese’s tummy tingling along with her, and that even draws me in more. I haven’t had a good tummy romance tingle in a while (Well actually since Steel Horizon XD ), I’ve craved one for so long. I thrive for cute easygoing romances. And West and Reese are quenching my want for it!

But in some parts I feel that you could slow the pace down. Maybe in the second draft? Perhaps slow it down a bit? Possibly make Reese crave West’s presence not because he made her feel something for him, but because she doesn’t want to be alone anymore? Just a suggestion, for me this is fine as it is. I’m only pointing out what others might have some confliction on.

I love how you describe how smexy West is, with his black spiky hair and blue eyes. I can’t help but picture a guy like “Elijah Wood.” Or “Logan Lerman.” Or perhaps even “Tom Welling.” (but he may be too buff. Lol. ) OHH! Maybe the guy (I forgot his actual name) he plays Tyler Lockwood on The Vampire Diaries! Lol. Well you catch my drift, I picture the most hottest guys in my mind for West. YUMMY.

BUT, I haven’t gotten the vibe if what Reese looks like. :/ All I pretty much catch is that she is a girl. And perhaps that is pretty, because of how West keeps staring at her. ;)

My heart broke for Reese when West leaves in chapter thirteen! I had tears in my eyes! But that kiss woooo *fans self* HOT! But I wouldn’t mind a little bit more description on it, give us more of a feel and at how long it lasted.

OMGOSH! Is all I can say really! And I’m going to blog about this, to let my followers know about this epic read! This soooooo deserves to be published! IT NEEDS TO BE PUBLISHED!
Now you’re making it hard on me to pick which is my favorite, Steel Horizon or Sunlight??!! AHHH!!!!! What to choose!!! I CANNOT!!!!! Haha

Genius work!
This is going to be on my picks for a long while girly!

Well gotta go work on a new project of mine, so I can get it posted on here by New Years. :D

Keep this up! Can you notify me when you update???? Puh-LEASE????? Lol XD

With lots of love, Kristia S.<3<3<3
God Bless you always<3<3<3

Well night night all!!

With lots of love, Kristia S.<3<3<3
God Bless<3<3<3
1 Peter 4:10<3<3<3

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