Friday, December 10, 2010

Clary Fray CASTED!!!!! I'm uber excited and JEALOUS!!!!

Lily Collins as Clary Fray.
(I manipulated this picture.
The red hair and green eyes.)
Lily Collins   is our beloved Clary Fray! Isn't she gorgeous!?
She is almost the ideal Clary. Well...for me anyways. Because I never really had a good visual on Clary while I was reading, other than seeing my own self. I think she's perfect! And she's SO TINY! LOVELY!!!
Okay...I'm excited and plus a little JEALOUS! Because I thought that "Face of A" was going to do an open casting call for Clary. And I was sooooo going to try out. *shrugs* Guess that's not going to work out. :/ I wouldn't have made it anyway, BECAUSE I'm not pretty enough. *sighs* (see my about me page to see what I'm talking about being not pretty enough.)
And I definitely wouldn't make it as an Isabelle. :/ Actually, I wouldn't try out for her anyway. I DON'T LIKE HER! lol.
Gosh, I just realize something! Doesn't Lily resemble Emma Roberts? Doesn't she a little?

Alex Pettyfer
Hopeful JACE!!!
 Well ANYWAYS! I'm soooooo excited! This is going to be awesome!

So anyone up for going along with me and chant--"ALEX PETTYFER! ALEX PETTYFER!" to the casting director or what? lol. He's an ideal Jace Wayland/Lightwood/Hernondale.
Go here if you want to support him in MTV's open letter to the casting director! ->MTV's Open Letter To TMI Movie Casting Director
Oh well even if they don't get him, they'll find another suitable yummy delicious guy to play Jace. *crosses fingers* HOPE!!!
BUT, wouldn't Alex look sooooo good beside Lily here? I think so!!!
Well I'm happy with this casting choice!!!! :D
Hopefully I'll be just as pleased with the rest of the cast!

*insert high pitched girly fan squeal here*


I know obnoxious. :/ BUT I cannot help it! I'm uber excited!!!
With lots of love, Kristia S. <3<3<3
God Bless <3<3<3
1 Peter 4:10 <3<3<3

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