Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Mortal Instruments fan ramble and picture manipulation.

Boy I'm on a roll with picture manipulations for Jace and Clary! I'm just so phyched over Lily being Clary! I think she's absolutely PERFECT!
Now I really do HOPE and PRAY Alex Pettyfer will be our Jace. He's always been my Jace, hopefully he'll be Screen Gems's Jace Wayland too.

This is a pretty cover. But it makes me nervous.

I've been so freaking nervous about "City of Fallen Angels". (I don't like how Clary and Simon are on the cover. But it is pretty, don't get me wring.) --> 
I SO scared that Jace and Clary won't end up together. GAH! The first three books would be kind of POINTLESS if they don't! Gosh! I think I need to stop following Cassie's twitter, because every freaking tweet makes me nervous. And I'm getting the vibe that she doesn't really like the Jace and Clary pairing, for some odd reason. :/ Seems like she favors Simon the most. Eck. I don't like Simon, he's annoying. And if she does pull a (If you ever read this Cassie. I'm sorry, I love you, but I have to say what I feel.)-- stupid stunt as to splitting Jace and Clary up in the end of the whole series. I think that the fans like me, will most likely send her HATE mail from HELL to her until DOOMSDAY. It would be freaking ridiculous to have most of the TMI fans cheer on this couple and they actually are together in the end of the three books, and then to spilt them up in the next three. That would freaking SUCK monkey balls, and be completely pointless. I mainly read this series BECAUSE of Jace and Clary. I thrive for this couple.
Okay...I don't go for Jace just because he's SMEXY, I go for him because Clary brings out his kind, adoring, loving, and brightly lit soul he has. He's a good person and he loves Clary with his whole being. And she does too. Or they wouldn't have tortured their selves through the whole first three books of not being able to be together. My heart broke everytime theirs did. :/
Simon, I do like him on some levels. BUT, he kind of gets annoying about being clingy to Clary. (I know guys like this, I actually DATED guys like this. And they were not the best boyfriends. They don't give you space or leave you alone when you want to be. And they call at like three o'clock in the morning just to "talk". And when you do go to sleep while on the phone with them, they make sure you wake back up to listen to their yammering. ECK. DUMPED THEM!) I can see Simon going for Maia, I actually route for that couple. :D I think they're ADORABLE. Isabelle, not so much. (I don't like her.)

Well I thought I'd ramble there a bit about my fear and whys. :D lol.

Gotta go feed my thirty doggies that's barking for me out in the freezing snow, (They won't stay in their dog houses that has a 250 Watt heat lamp keeping them pretty toasty. But nooo they want to bark for food, knowing that I will feed them in a few minutes.) ANYWAYS, I'm TMI fanaticking STILL hopefully my next post won't be on this subject. Maybe I'll post about how I've signed up for XD


With lots of love, Kristia S.<3<3<3
God Bless<3<3<3
1 Peter 4:10


  1. HEY! Stop flipping out! lol. Jace and Clary WILL end up together.... maybe Simon's just on the cover cause, like, Sabastian kidnaps Jace or something and Clary drags Simon along to go and save him? I don't know, but that's what I'd bet's gonna happen.

    there's no WAY Clary and Simon could end up together. EVER. So you have nothing to worry about.

  2. HAHA
    I think I've calmed down since this post. But yeah it's still concerning me.
    Well just read a COFA teaser on twitter, and's a Jace and Clary turn on. LOL.
    Gets me excited!

    I hope you are right!!! If not I'm prepared to hunt Cassie's house down and chuck my TMI books through her window. (I know harsh. But that's how I feel. LOL.)