Monday, August 30, 2010

What can I say? I'm a sucker for WEREWOLVES!

"Paradox"-by seattlelover7
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And I'm a sucker for books about werewolves! And Paradox is making me love werewolves all the more. With the journey with Summer, Logan, Adam and the whole pack. It is an easy and funny well witty book, that'll leave you grasping for more! Sexy werewolves and a anguished teenaged girl...what more you ask for, for an auh-mazing book? Well seattlelover7 is doing it VERY WELL! This book has turned into one of my faves on inkpop! And I wish it had a higher rank. But 110 isn't too bad for just the first ten chapters. :D It'll make it I know it! Check out my official comment I have left on inkpop for this genius author. ->

This is sooooo good!
Definitely picked! And I’m blogging about this! You’ll be able to check it out->
WOW where to start?
Okay… I love your easy-going style and details. Summer is an awesome strong, witty and realistic character, which I cannot get enough of. I don’t think she doesn’t approach the sadness and anguish about her family’s death wrongly, I don’t see where people get that. I have and heard of people doing the exact same thing! And the word/title “Paradox” really explains Summer to a T. She thinks one thing then she thinks another, she just can’t make up her mind and figure if it’s true about herself or not. Yes I had to look up the definition of Paradox. HAHA.
And I love the way Summer is joke-y/sarcastic. :D That makes the book all the more interesting and a breath of fresh air.
And Logan (btw, I have a nephew named Logan. So this quirked my interest all the more) boy…he’s getting sexier by each word I read about him. At how protective and sweet he is. I probably would have planted a smooch right on those tempting lips of his right then and there in the grocery store. Well…nah I probably wouldn’t have…I’m a chicken. Haha. But I would have right there in the kitchen after Blondie left! OHHH boy I want to reach through this computer screen and grab that black hair of his and just plant one on him! Haha.
And how the plot is going, this is very riveting and soooo interesting! And so far this is one of my favorites on Inkpop! So on my blog I’m adding Paradox onto my favorites list! (which you’ll at the bottom on the page.)
Okay I have to say this…I’m a big sucker for werewolves. :D So it’s a major BIG + + + + + + + +!!! For me.
I’m not the biggest fan of the F-bomb, but I didn’t give it one thought while reading this where it’s soooo awesome! And that’s saying something. :D
I totally love this auh-mazing book and this is going on my picks and blog! And I would LOVE to see more of this! Could you let me know when you update please???? And please let it be soon! I’m fidgeting in my seat here! LOL.
Keep up the auh-mazing work! I LOVE THIS!
With lots of love, your friend and fan, Kristia S.<3
God Bless<3<3<3"

It is very rare that I have little to say about a book that I have liked/loved. I most of the time leave long comments, it drives me insane if I don't! I'm a talker! Cannot help it! haha :D Check this book out if you have the time! It's totally worth it!

Bye for now blog world! Type yas soon!

With lots of love, Kristia S.<3
"1 Peter 4:10"-God Bless<3<3<3

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