Saturday, August 28, 2010

Perfection Is My Enemy+ I ADORE IT= LONG BUTT COMMENT!

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE this new project by Marisa K. aka mleedancer12. You can see with my comment below that I have left for her!

"Perfection Is My Enemy"
By mleedancerr12 aka Marisa
Read it at!
"First things first—

*Insert: Squeals like a freaking awestruck schoolgirl*
*Insert: taking a calming breath, before continuing*
Okay… if you haven’t figure this out. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS! I am ADDICTED! I took all day today to read this thoroughly. I automatically fell in love from first chapter. Because I can relate to Colby A LOT— as of now anyways, not the old me when I was in school, I was a goof off when I went. But now that I’m older I can relate to her, because I like to learn especially English (duh I wouldn’t be a writer if I didn’t: D lol ) So I can picture myself in Colby’s shoes with education and all. Well not the math part—LOL I HATE MATH.
Anyways, you always have superb character design. It never seizes to AMAZE me. You have such a smooth flowing writing style that brings in ANY reader that comes your way. Even if the genre of interest isn’t in their taste, you always get the person to take interest. As I have mentioned before, I’m not really the one for realistic books. And ever since I read “Dancing Through Life” I have been completely open to all realistic books! And this book made the space even wider! I’m starting to be a sucker for realistic romantic general fiction. I LOVE IT!
Any who…I <3 MAX! He’s such a sweetheart and a cutie with trying to make Colby jealous with Ashley! Which Ashley is such a skank anyways! HATE HER! But a book always has to have slut somewhere in it. ;) (In my book she’s going to be named Lysandria McDaniel ;) ) *sighs* Wish I had a Max.
I don’t like the sound of Teddy. I have a VERY cautious suspicion about him. Okay I just don’t plain out like him. He reminds me of a guy that I know who has been after me ever since—like—forever! And NEVER quits! I just I don’t know, my stomach dropped a little bit in the last chapter with Teddy. Okay I just don’t trust him. Maybe I’m getting it in a wrong way, I’m just judging him by my own experiences a bit. Oh well…I’m probably making a big deal out of nothing,
Okay I’m a sucker for Skylar, she’s a wild child that’ll learn her lesson. And that makes the story all the more interesting. And I like Jocelyn, she’s a very mature and a person you can look up to. Where she has stood up to her mother about her choice of quieting gymnastics. GO GIRL!
That’s really sad about their parents though. But it’s Brian’s fault! AFAIR?? IDIOT! HE’S A FREAKING IDIOT. Even though…Lucy is a control freak, and that would be kind of a turn off and make him turn away from her a bit. But oh well…no excuse to cheat on her, no matter how much of a snob she is.
I love Colby’s friends.<3 :D So easy going and easy to get along with—as long as your being nice to them and not IGNORING them and chasing them away! Haha. I really like Trista the most with her passion for theatre and her understanding with Colby. Jessica um…I’m still getting to know her so I really don’t know what to think of her just yet.
The slow progressing relationship you have going on between Colby and Max is so enticing and adorable! He and she obviously like each other, and neither won’t definitely own up to it. So they resort to jealously. :/ HAHA LOVE IT! SOO CUTE! I love the excuses he gives Colby to get to hang out with her. SERIOUSLY! B-??? Too cute for words! He just wants to get her attention and get to know her better. HAHA I dies laughing when he mentioned about he had to eat two sherbet when she ditched him! HAHA!
This whole plot is sooooo interesting and I’m definitely going to stay with you until the end of this! Add me to your list of ‘let knows of updates’ I am definitely tuning into this! And of course it’s a pick!
You’re going to kill me with that last chapter cliffie!! I’m chewing my nails here!!!
I’m going to wait until you have posted this entire book and I have read it thoroughly, before I give you an all out right review. :D So I won’t miss any elements in the review. It would be kind of hard to review something that’s just started. I would if I could. So I’m leaving you a long butt comment instead. So hopefully it’ll quench your thirst of a comment from me. :D And also I want to get the full view and plot of this so far genius story into an review of mine. I am SOOO CURIOUS of how this is going to end!
Heyyy… I already see an AUH-MAZING lifetime movie in the making here! Lol. I can SO TOTALLY SEE IT NOW!
Your stories are sooooo GREAT! And I look forward to seeing more from you! And I know you’ll be an well-known author someday. Just don’t forget about little ole’ me when you get there! Lol.
With lots of love, your friend and fan, Kristia S.<3<3<3
God Bless you ALWAYS<3<3<3"

This book is forever one of my faves on inkpop! As for Marisa's other project that has already made the top five in recent months on inkpop--"Dancing Through Life" I highly reccomend any of Marisa's projects, they're always brillant and well written. She will capture your heart and mind within the pages of her stories. I know she did me. :D And also she's one of the sweetest people I have met on that site! Please go give her books a read! They are awesome!
With lots of love, Kristia S.<3
God Bless & Goodnight blog world!
P.S You can click on "Perfection Is My Enemy"'s icon at the bottom of my blog and it should take you straight to her book! Same goes for "Dancing Through Life." :D If you have any problems contact me @
Love yas!


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    Thank you so much! Ah, I don't really know what to say. You're so sweet. Gah, I'm at a loss for words. THANK YOU.


  2. You are VERY welcome girl!
    And you are very well deserving of such praise.
    I'm astounded that you're just going into ninth grade and can write like a professional! I know you are going somewhere in life with writing!!

    With lots of love, Kristis S.
    God Bless<3<3<3