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This is me in my "professional" look.
No I'm not talking about the Martin Luther King Jr. speech. I literally had a dream about my novel in progress "Time With Seleste." opposed to the usual listen to a song and make a story out of it. No this time I had a very vivid dream! Talk about a Stephenie Meyer moment! haha.
Here's how it started.
It was May 17th 2010 (my eighteenth birthday to be exact) I had tossed and turned that whole night. Something was bothering me... Then around six o'clock in the morning--I remember this because I looked up at the clock just before I went back to sleep. It was as if I was living this vision, it was that vivid.
Joanna Garcia
Known for her role
as "Cheyenne Hart"
on the TV show "Reba"
I'm viewing from above at first, looking down on these two people. The girl was on the ground bleeding, while the boy was holding her listening intently to what she had to say. Then I'm snapped down to their perspective, I see the girl clearly she looked like the actress Joanna Garcia. The boy I couldn't see clearly, but I knew he was very good looking. Of course, this dream never indicated she was a time traveler though...that's something among a lot of other things I added. :D Then I was brought to another scene, viewed in her perspective. I was her! And I was beautiful like her as well (<-See Joanna Garcia to get what I mean).
(SPOILER coming up) All these people including me are on a boat, and we're going somewhere--no we were running from something and boat was the only way to get away. I turn to the boy I just seen in the previous scene, and I hug him and whisper "I love you." And I focus in on a freckle that was on his neck. Then I turn and run off the deck into icy frigid water. Total blackness in that point of view...
Jackson Rathbone
Well knowingly as
"Jasper Hale"
 in The Twilight Saga.
I'm snapped into--unfortunately a guy's point of view. Eck. And come to my realization the guy looks like my cousin Josh (In my novel he remains Josh but I change his image to Jackson Rathbone and not my cousin.) And he's talking about senseless things, you know how dreams gets. *rolls eyes* Another perspective was shifted to the boy who I name Darien in my novel. He's holding the girl in his arms, seemingly to be scared to death of her condition. She was drenching wet and pale, and when she comes to. They share a tiny passionate kiss, but Darien afterwards storms off angry at her for what she had done. The girl, all she was thinking was that Darien was safe. Because she knew if she didn't do what she did, he would have jumped in and not have came back at all. So she did something to save a guy she loved most. The dream ended there.
I woke up around seven that morning, astonished and confused at why I had that dream. It was amazingly vivid and interest capturing. I took it as a sign from God that it could be molded into a book. :D And he wanted me to, if not he wouldn't have blessed me with that honest to God dream! Nevertheless, it took me my whole birthday-day to think of plot that would be molded from that dream.
I first began trying to picture my characters. like I always do. I knew most definitely there would be the boy and girl that cared deeply for each other, it didn't take long for me to come up with their names. : )
The boy would be named Darien Marks (thinking of my old favorite anime show I use to watch when I was five.  "Sailor Moon." *blushes* I'm a sucker for Tuxedo Mask character, his name was Darien.) 
And my instinct told me to base his looks off from the actor on "The Vampire Diaries" Steven R. McQueen. He just fits Darien, he's good looking but not overly handsome, just right. :)
Steven R. McQueen
Known as the Grandson
of Steve McQueen.
And also known for the role
"Jeremy Gilbert"
On The CW's
The Vampire Diaries.
And for my girl it took me no time to think up a name for her "Celeste" but I wanted to change the "C" to an "S". Because for some odd reason when I started typing out "Celeste" I kept pronouncing it as "Chelsea" in my head, every time I seen the "C", that got on my nerves so badly. So Seleste was born! Also, I thought it would make it unique looking. : D. At first I went through so many actresses to picture as my Seleste. I didn't want to use Joanna Garcia, where she's doesn't look like a teenager anymore. I wanted a teenager or at least one that appears to be. Yes, Joanna is quiet pretty and talented. But with how I do with casting my characters in my head, I want them pretty close to the actual ages. (Just in case there would be a movie that could be made. ;) Come on every author thinks like that at some point. lol) So I went through, Blake Lively, Emily Osment and finally I stuck with Ashley Benson. But still...none of them fit the Seleste I had in mind. She's suppose to tiny like 5'2 barely making it over being a midget, skinny and really pretty with piercing dark blue eyes. In my dream, the first scene she was blonde, but in the next she was chocolate brown. I'm not too keen on having Seleste as a blonde, I don't want people getting the idea of Seleste being based off of me. (Even though I have considered it. But makes me sick to even think of writing about myself into a novel. So that's why I don't.)
Lucy Hale
Known as "Aria"
On the ABC Family's
Pretty Little Liars
So just recently I just re casted Seleste in my mind, and the vision of the actress has made my writing flow A LOT smoother. So another "Pretty Little Liars"'s actress became my Seleste Worthington! Lucy Hale! There's a very thin line of finding someone that can either go Tom Boy-ish or Girly. And Seleste is stuck between both, she's be happy in just a t-shirt and jeans, but she also desires the less girly fashion labels. But she cannot afford them to even dress like she desires, so she makes do with what she can get and is comfortable with it. I think Lucy can portray Seleste to a T, she's on that thin line of being girly and not girly. Also she's very tiny, short and beautiful! And another plus! Her and Steven would make an absolute adorable couple!
By right around four in the afternoon, I came up with the idea of Seleste being a time traveler. I thought it'd be way different from what I have been writing. So this is new waters to me. However, I can thank Doctor Who for the inspiration of the time traveling thing too. ;) I'm a Doctor Who-ser!
"Time With Seleste"
(Book cover.)
I rate it
PG 13
Mild mature language,
and sexual suggestions.
Are mentioned, but nothing
in detail.
The title for my novel came like the snap of my fingers! "Time With Seleste." It's so catchy and I can picture it on the books shelves!
So around ten that night I started out my novel, the plot came so easily to me like it was part of my very soul. Chapter One was originally going to be my Preface, but I went over board and wrote too much for it to be, so turned it into a chapter. For the next five to seven days I started to break my neck to get the word count up to ten thousand so people on inkpop can read it! I mainly was posting for my personal friends at home, for them to read it and see what they thought. Then it became a hit-- at first-- on inkpop! I couldn't believe it! It went from the two thousands rank to the five hundreds in the manner of hours! I was so astonished! So I started posting for my fans on inkpop as well.
I really have a confidence that this book can make it somewhere if people gave it a chance. Yes I know my grammar is horrible, but this is my first draft and I'm not going to proofread until the WHOLE story is written. For some reason if I start editing in the middle of writing a story, it just burns me out and I don't want to continue it. Same goes with outlining, so I'm doing this free of any binds! And it's refreshing! "Time With Seleste" is one of the most easy written projects I have begun, because the story is coming to me like flashes of lighting! I know God's has got something to do with it! He must be wanting me to write this story! I am dedicating my novel to this scripture -> "Each one should use whatever gift he has received to serve to others, faithfully administering God's grace in its various forms." -1 Peter 4:10. Maybe I can find someway for my book to speak in some Godly way, I'm still unsure of how that could be. But maybe it'll just happen on it's own, so I'm not going to concentrate on finding the "form" perhaps God will send it my way in an epiphany. : )
I know I'll be able to finish this in no time! I've already planned that I'm going to draft it out seven times. And I'm going to hire a freelance editor (or possibly a English professor) at my soon to be college, I'll be starting at in the spring.
I hope I can get this on book shelves someday! I'm working so hard on this, and it's became my dream.
Hope you guys read and pick it!

Check out my official website for me and my books! - > http://wix.com/KrisTeeAuh/KristiaS
And also just click my "Time With Seleste" book cover in the side bar to the left of you. And it'll take you straight to my novel on inkpop! The word count is currently 85.028 and I'm only on my twenty-second chapter! I've barely skimmed the top! I'm planning on sixty to seventy chapters in all!

Hope you guys take interest and read my dream!

With lots of love, Kristia S.<3
1 Peter 4:10-God Bless<3<3<3

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