Monday, May 2, 2011

Double news hitter on 5/1. First, Hitler in 1945. Now, Osama in 2011.

      I remember the day almost ten years ago. I was laying in bed then I was woken up by my grandmother. She was pointing to the TV and I saw the most horrible thing. But at that age I really didn't think on it much other than it was sad and people were dying. I was only a little kid. It wasn't until years later that I understood the devastation that 9/11 caused. So many innocent lives many lives suffered from the losses.
     I'll tell you this I never hated the person that was the cause of it all, I never thought on him much actually. I mainly thought about the sadness that was bestowed on people he caused the sadness. I honest to God, never thought about hating him, I only thought of justice being brought down on him, either it would be death or an enternity in a jail cell somewhere. I wanted it to come to full circle and that he would pay for what he did.
     Praise the Lord! Now he is paying for what he has done. He's Lucifer's best friend right now! I would say this to Bin Laden right now. "Do you feel the burn?"
     Before I get all these hate comments on how I'm suppose to love my enemies and have compassion for Bin Laden. As I said I never hated him and I never said I liked or even loved him. I never thought on him at all, other than that he needed to pay for what he did. And for those who feel they need to give me their ten cents about it. I say this to you. "Proverbs 11:10 --When it goes well with the righteous, the city rejoices: and when the wicked perish, there is shouting." Right out of the Bible baby. Also here's a commentary translation from a well known preacher.
"When it goeth well - An upright, pious, sensible man is a great blessing to the neighborhood where he resides, by his example, his advice, and his prayers. The considerate prize him on these accounts, and rejoice in his prosperity. But when the wicked perish, who has been a general curse by the contagion of his example and conversation, there is not only no regret expressed for his decease, but a general joy because God has removed him."
    GOD has REMOVED HIM! Bin Laden was removed. Bin Landen was wicked.
     What's the use to love him, anyways? He wasn't going to repent from his sins he committed, he never loved God--even if God loved him. As it is said, whosoever obeys his commandments loves God-- that falls along the same lines of what is said. Yes, there is a concept to be more like Jesus. And to be like Jesus is to love everyone. But no one is going to be just like Jesus, he was PERFECT, no one else is going to be perfect again. If not showing compassion towards this monster in his death is a flaw in perfection, then it's going to have to be. No matter what, people are not going to show compassion towards him, even if they say that they do. Deep down they are pittyless like the others. Basically, he was going to go where he is now, no matter what or amount of compassion we would have given him.
    Some say I'm rejoicing in Bin Laden's death. No I am not. I'm celebrating that he won't be able to murder innocent children, women, and the troops over in the war again. It is indeed a sad thing of a loss of a soul to an eternity of Hell. It is one less soul of God's, but he was never his to begin with, where God never knew him. Bin Laden knew of his sins and he continued them on and on, he was planning another attack for crying out loud! Would it be worth more lives to be lost (that possibly are not saved when faced with death), than to not end this life of Bin Laden's that'll never come to know God? With this one death, many others are spared, not just by the earthly death, but an afterlife death. Think of how many on 9/11 that wasn't saved and died on that day. Look at how many he caused God to lose due to that day. Think of the people he would have continued to murder, if something wasn't done. It would not have been worth losing more to earthly life and hell, than to let this monster live another day?
   Yes, God could have forgave him, but Bin Laden didn't want forgiven, or he wouldn't have continued his ways. He was given almost tens years chance to be forgiven. As the news said, he was gathering an army to attack us and kill more innocent people. He wasn't going to change.
   Sorry, guys, but I had to get that out; even though, it was rambling and probably made no sense. O,0 I'm still in shock at how Bin Laden is finally dead. And I am shocked at how my friends have different perspectives on the matter. I thought everyone would feel the same that Bin Laden should to be dead, so that all those people that died on 9/11 and in the war would have justice. But I guess not.

  Anywho, I have no compassion nor any emotional feelings (hatred, loved, or liked, just nothing but numbness) for this monster that died on 5/1. As it would went for those who witnessed what Hitler had done to the Jews all those years ago on this same date.

  Well, I'm off for the night! I'm dog tired.
  With lots of love, Kristia S.<3<3<3
  God Bless<3<3<3
  1 Peter 4:10<3<3<3
  Proverbs 11:10

  P.S It is possible to not feel hatred, love, or likness, towards someone that has done wrong. I personally, am in a situation that I don't hate, nor have any other emotional ties to this wrongful person in my life. It is possible to just feel numb towards that person and not think on it anymore than that.

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