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"The Clearing" by Heather Davis. My review on this lovely book! [Book Suggestion Monday!]

The ClearingThe Clearing by Heather Davis

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

“The Clearing” by Heather Davis.

***** stars!

Oneliner review. “An epic bittersweet ending, that’s both depressing and lovely all at the same time, and you’ll love every second of it.”

Full review:

“ What attracted me to this book was the mentioning in the pitch was “1944”, and plus the beautiful book cover that made me drool. The design is so lovely with the light foggy green background, with Henry transparent in the corner, and the middle of the cover stands Amy in the clearing with no mist at all, in her red pretty dress. The theme is so beautiful and attention capturing. I had to get it and read it.

Anyways, true love is for surely timeless in this lovely, little novel. A book I can find my own writing relating to, with the time traveling and all. The romance is sweet and yet innocent in a passionate way, even when these two teens yearn for each other on the ultimate level, which should make it not innocent in the long run. But I still felt it as being innocent, considering the circumstances in the end.

I loved how Henry was old fashioned—because he was really from the time 1944, which made him in the truest of old fashions. I’m just like Amy, with how she was attracted to him in that aspect, where Henry didn’t use her or just told her sweet things so she would hook up with him—unlike modern, typical guys these days. I loved how he said that Amy deserved a white wedding, that made my heart swell and fall for him alongside her.

I can feel for Amy, with her trials, troubles, dramas, and hardships. She’s such a realistic character that is at first in distress, and runs away from her problems to her aunts. I however, do not blame her from running away from the dramas of her ex-abusive boyfriend Matt. I see myself in her shoes, even though, I have never experienced anything she went through. I feel a deep sympathy for Amy, and have a understanding how she felt about her certain situations. I loved how she never seen the strength she had in herself until the end.

Henry and Amy’s relationship was beautiful, epic, and well portrayed through out the book in a intoxicating realistic way. My stomach did some major tingles while reading the romantic scene, which only occurs when the book is splendid in my opinion. My tummy don’t give me butterflies when a book isn’t good, and that’s the truth. Their romance is easy going and Henry doesn’t expect Amy to give herself to him. This made me love their love even more. They yearned for each other in the truest way and not out of just pure lust and expectations. I adore romances like that into oblivion. I give Heather high praise for writing such an addicting relationship between Henry and Amy.

The concept of the story is out of this world and into another time. The story basically starts out with Amy in modern time, not really stating what year really, only that it is up to date with us. I like how Heather didn’t really mention the exact date where Amy lives, it made me wonder how long ago was 1944. As the story is beginning you get some hints on how Amy’s life was before her move to live with her Great-Aunt Mae. That in itself motivated me to read on to find out what was her real reason of moving to Rockville was. I adore Aunt Mae and her caring ways towards her niece, and my heart went out to her for her health problems, she’s such a sweet woman. In the first chapter the snob crowd is introduced and I immediately dislike them, of course. Then in the next chapter Henry Briggs is introduced, and I immediately knew I was going to like him. I love how he lives so simple and easy, sometimes I wish life was still like that. After the second chapter it all just was set into motion when Amy took that first trip into that clearing to meet Henry. From then on the book was thrown into a lovely, addicting adventure that leaves you wondering what was going to happen next.

The whole idea of Henry and his family stuck in the summer of 1944, which all started with a prayer one night from Henry himself. Ever since, 1944, Henry knew the outcome of summer’s end and wanted to avoid it completely. Henry was obviously terrified of the future. He of course, had grown tired of the same routine every day for the years ever since 1944, stuck in the World War II. I wouldn’t be able to even grasp onto the concept of forever living in that time of war. And especially with knowing of my brother being in the war. All of this changes when Amy comes into the clearing and stumbles upon the Briggs farm. With her presence in the never ending summer 1944 and Henry falling for her every time he seen her, of course, things would change.

What would you think when future would meet the past?

The conclusion to this lovely novel left me in a confusion of how I felt about it. I was twisted, turned, and spun in so many emotional levels. First I was crying slightly, but not for long. Then on the last page left a smile on my face, even though, it wasn’t all that clear and kept me wondering. I find myself wandering in that mist in my mind, trying to find Amy and Henry, or perhaps find my own Henry and never-ever let him go. The Clearing has changed my mind of books that ends on this specific note, I usually stay clear of anything that may end like this. However, Heather Davis, has me converted into actually liking this haunting note, that’ll keep my mind spinning in wonderment.

Such a bittersweet, epic tale of love, drama, and time travel!

I’m left with desiring a sequel madly and yet have a feeling that I would be fine with this ending if there is no desire from Heather to continue it. I think this plot has more potential to be continue, if Heather ever decided to do a sequel!

This book has become one of my favorites! Brilliant work!

With lots of love, Kristia S.

God Bless<3<3<3
1 Peter 4:10<3<3<3

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