Tuesday, August 21, 2012

First Day of Second Year in College!

I just attended my first day in my English class, and I liked it. My Professor is actually a published author of fifty books. His name is Robert Walker. I like the sound of the class and have a feeling that I’ll have a good time.

My other classes…not so much. MAT065 (ew, math), CIT, and CHEM…yeah…I’m not liking these just yet.

In other news, I got DEADLY DECEIVED in print, from NaNoWriMo, and sent two to my online besties Hannah and Mariella. I’m hard at work in working up a rewrite as we speak.

Also, I have another project named “SYSTEM TAKEOVER”. It’s a Terminator meet Tron type deal plot. Where a software and mechanic teenaged genies Sisaleen (I love the name) aka Sissy is taken captive in this futuristic world, where computer intelligent android bots have taken over, and human kind is on the brink of extinction. Sissy is rescued by a android bot named Ghost, who weirdly has a conscious. 0_o She ends up falling for him, more as she discovers he acts more human than humans do anymore. These two don’t just have their feelings in common, they have a goal in mind too. To take down SYSTEM CORE the root of all evil. But when Sissy does, Ghost goes along with the evil Systems. Sad smile *cries* It’s going to be an emotional ride with this one.

Oh, and Wishbooks is coming along nicely too! But I’m gonna keep a extra tight lip on it, because it’s my baby.


Well, gotta go!


With lot and God Bless

Kristia S.

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