Tuesday, June 5, 2012

When Souls Turn Into Demons...DEADLY Prompt

I have been blog prompt by Mariella. So she requested me to talk about the roots of my NaNoWriMo DEADLY DECEIVED. I'm not good at prompts, so this is a attempt at one.

The subject that is in my book I can prompt on the roots are: Souls vs. Demons.

In my NaNo, there's this ghost Denise Johnson, is faced with demons. So goes for my other character Amy, who is attacked at one point, by a fear demon. (I'm currently rewriting this scene right now.) The fear demon that attacks Amy can inhabit the soul and feed on the fear, only if, the person acknowledges their exsistence and comes in contact with them. Amy did touch one in her room, thus, causing an opening in her soul for it to enter and feed on her fear. It will slowly kill her, because fear is energy, and that energy comes from her soul.
Anyways, how demons came to be, in my books's world.
For one, they were lost souls.
For two, they attached themselves to a sensitive alive person who can help them gain peace.
For three, that sensitive doesn't want to help, so they start to ignore them, thus, causing the soul to fade away into Limbo. (the in between life and death)
For four, then they become lonely and enraged for a long time and is consumed by darkness.

That is how a demon comes to be in my book.

Well, I'm off to edit and squeal about the Mortal Instruments movie news!

With lots of love, Kristia S.

God Bless!!

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