Thursday, December 29, 2011

A NEW addition to my "Falling for History" novels. Let's visit the Ole' West, shall we?

I was just hit BIG TIME with inspiration for this book. I've always wanted to do a YA western, I don't think I have heard any Western YAs. :D Let me know if there is any. lol. I'm going to have Billy the Kid in this one. Hope ya'll take an interest in it. :)

Everyone has heard many legends on Billy the Kid, right? At how he was, the youngest and most wanted outlaw of the old west?
That is right, I tell you.
However, of course, there are some unknown aspects of Billy’s story.
For one, I, Vera Grendel, traveled with him for a month. For two, he wasn’t a heartless murderer, he was a sweet, kind, caring, lost boy, who felt that his life calculated up to nothing. For three, the one legend about his death, when Billy supposedly went into Pedro Maxwell’s sister Paulita’s bedroom? You would think they were together, but let me tell you, Paulita was only nine years old and I was the one in that room. And for four, Sheriff Pat Garret was not a good man at all, he was a murderer and a vicious man.
Anyways, this story isn’t about the legends of Billy the Kid and his unavoidable death. This is a story of how I fell back into time and fell in love with William Henry, the lost boy behind Billy the Kid.
This is our story, set in 1881, over one hundred years before I even existed. This shouldn’t have been possible, but it was, and it did happen.

For real I think that Billy was a lost and confused kid. And I think Pat Garret killed him wrongly. It seemed like a cowardly way to kill somone in the dark. >_< I feel sorry for Billy.

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