Saturday, October 1, 2011

Inspriational Godly Qoutes by Moi.

Haven't blogged in a while, so here's one for you guys that love God.

"You shouldn't only go to God when you need something from Him. You should always be in the Lord, ready to be used by Him to witness about His love unto the world. That's like loving your parents only when they buy you a new toy or lift your grounding punishment from you. Does that sound right? You can only answer this question yourself, and only you and God will really know what your answer really is."

"You can't endure others' burdens, because it'll add more to your own. Sympathize, but not let them take you over. Don't let your heart on your sleeve bleed for that one person you cannot do anymore for. Leave it up to God. He'll take care whatever that needs to be taken care of.
Give your heart to others that need your help even more, the ones that will listen to you and your advice. Sometimes you have to let things take its course, and let God be the fate of that person in mind. Keep in mind, you can only do so much. God is the only person who can do an infinite MORE."

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